wire light fitting

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been working on this light shade for the wardrobe room that I posted about here.

I wanted something more industrial in feel to match the hardware shelves I used in the room so I looked around at what I had.

I found this fuddy duddy lampshade I’d picked up from somewhere. I’d already ripped off the granny pink frilly cover that came with it and was left with that glued on ribbon.

Have you ever tried to remove that stuff? It sets like concrete. I tried cutting it off and broke a small pair of scissors. I then tried slicing it off with a scalpel and broke that. I tried a stanley knife and cut myself.

In the end I soaked it in hot water for about two days and went back to scissors and eventually got it off.

Then I put it on the coffee table in the living room where I would do a bit of wiring when the mood took me. I had planned to add beads to it as well but only got as far as adding some small black ones randomly. I used a thicker black wire and thinner silver wire. I’m not sure if I’ll add crystals to it later or not.

I put it up on Sunday and I love the way it looks when the light is on, the pretty shadows it casts on the ceiling.

Meanwhile I’m suffering big time. I spent most of the day on Sunday gardening as I had to get some new plants into the ground before winter. Having problems with my right arm (RSI, carpal tunnel, arthritis, whatever) I tried to spare it and used the left for the heavy work: digging out gigantic weeds using a pick, taking the weight of the shovel, etc.

I put 2 blue plumbagos along the fenceline to hide the water tanks, 2 purple salvias to fill gaps along the front of the porch, 2 white gauras on the porch corner, 8 seedling snap dragons in a narrow bed on the driveway side of the house and 2 mexican orange blossoms on the ends of the trellis. I still have 2 pale yellow double banksia roses to plant and to relocate one of my hydrangeas. When they all grow (thinking positive here) it will look gorgeous.

I also put up some crates as window boxes outside the mud room with Wayne’s help cause by then my hands weren’t working that well.

As a result of all that work I have thumbs that are refusing to work. They’re sore and have no strength to grip much of anything at all.


Remind me never to garden again. Its bad for my health.


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1 thought on “wire light fitting

  1. poor sefi.. i am riding in the same boat.. last 2 weekends spring cleaning inside and spring cleaning outside.. even though i have a yard man to do most of the heavy stuff. still hands and knees cleaning ponds..= hurting…


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