everything looks better with numbers (I finished the wardrobe room!)

Its been weeks since I last posted. I’ve been busy. Life just got out of hand. I’d come home from work and most nights I didn’t even want to turn on the computer and check emails. I think I had something like 144 email notifications from the blogs I follow.
When life gets too much, reading blogs is the first thing that goes. 
I’ve also been feeling a bit ‘ordinary’. My backs been sore and so I haven’t felt like doing much out of work hours. Just reading and watching TV.
And shopping.
I don’t even want to THINK about the money I spent on clothes lately.
To be fair, I don’t buy clothes often and I’ve really wanted a wardrobe makeover. I’m tired of looking boring and want to look nice, even if I’m not the weight I’d like to be. In fact I want to look nice despite the weight I am right now. No use waiting, right?
Speaking of wardrobe makeovers, however, I did a bit more wardrobe making over in Wayne’s wardrobe room this weekend.
I’d bought another 3 industrial type shelf units and was itching to get the room finished for him. Naturally I when I got the room ready I discovered I didn’t have a paint roller. 
So I skipped the painting part of the makeover and went straight to the wardrobe part. I figure I can paint later. Sometime. One day… maybe.
I did the same as last time, I had two 5-shelf units and I put two rods between them to create a double layer hanging space. This time around I added 5 canvas ‘crates’ for storage (socks, undies, etc) and, because everything looks better with numbers on it, I used a stencil to number them.
The numbers might help Wayne find things too… 
“Zefi, where are my socks?” 
“In box no. 2.”
So the room is finished now (well, other than the paint… and perhaps a blind where the curtain is right now, cause roses are just so masculine…). There are shelf units and double hanging space on both sides, a chest in the middle to hold sleeping bags and other such items, and shoe storage behind the door.
I had thought that if I’d made this room into a wardrobe room I could even put my own clothes in it.
Dream on.
Its chock-a-bloc.
I swear, if Wayne vacuumed I’d have to question his sexual orientation.
I moved the boring old pine wardrobe that was in there before, and the boring old pine chest of drawers, into our bedroom my my own clothes.
Cause now I have nice clothes I want to hang up, not just jeans, T-shirts and sweaters.
Naturally every night before I drift off to sleep now I’ll look at them and think about what I can do to pretty them up.
I wish we had bigger bedrooms….

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