rusty wire wreath

I did mention that I’d show off something I’d made for my new louvre door ‘hide the hot water cylinder’ contraption on the front porch.
I made this little wreath out of some very very old, very very rusty wire I found in the dirt in the back paddock. I’d collected it for just this purpose but never got around to doing anything with it till last weekend.
This photo shows the colour of it better than the one above.
When I first pulled it out of the ground and weeds I put it on the picnic table out front, which was a good thing as it turned out. The rain washed it clean for me so all I had to do was put on gardening gloves and start moulding it into a circle. It didn’t come out very even so I added some pieces of ready-to-snap bits of rusty barbed wire we found on the beach last time we went to Opossum Bay.
The plan had been to weave it all together and hold it in place with new thin wire if it wasn’t strong enough on its own, but it seems to be working well as it is.
The heart is a wire heart given to my by a friend. I think it suits the wreath perfectly. No need for further embellishment. Its one of the first things you see as you step onto our porch from the driveway.
Welcome to Wind Dancer Farm where old things are good things!

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