rustic crate window boxes

I thought I’d share something I did a few weeks ago now. I had meant to share it soon as I finished it but the weather got nasty, then I never seemed to remember to take photos while the sun was out, you know how it goes.
This morning while taking photos of the fallen tree I noticed the window boxes and remembered to photograph them.
When I saw these crates at the tip shop over summer I knew they’d be perfect for the driveway side of our house which is BORING. I wanted something to brighten it up and make the house look more welcoming. These boxes are outside the mudroom and toilet windows.
(Excuse the ugly pipe, it will be painted to match the house. Its where the sink went into the mud room.)
I just love these crates! I have temporarily put stuff in them, some plants really need to go into the ground, but for now they brighten up the place. I love seeing them as I approach the house.
Mainly I’m going to keep succulents in them. This spot gets late afternoon sun in summer and I don’t want plants to shrivel up and die. Though I think a couple of them are already showing frost damage.
And just cause I happened to take them, here’s a couple of panoramic photos of our place from up the top paddock. I had to stitch these together from a lot of separate photos and I have to include them very small but you get an idea of the land around our house. (You can see the fallen tree to the right.)
The casita is the one with the red roof, the house with the blue. The wonky little shed in the foreground is the woodshed. Not so pretty from this side. 🙂

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1 thought on “rustic crate window boxes

  1. Love how the crates worked and look on your home. I'd love to have some plants boxes. Think about the only plants that won't die are the succulents. It's quite hot and we don't have shade around our house. (house is actually a single wide mfg. home 16×80.) we live in western CO, it's very hot, windy and back of our house faces west so it's a cooker on summer afternoons. When I can get more ink cartridges for printer I'll print this out to show hubs so he can make some boxes out of several of pallets we have. Happy days


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