milk churn photo display

Ever since I took the doors off the two overhead cupboards in the kitchen I’ve liked my kitchen a whole lot more.
I’ve finally got somewhere to display some of my pretty things, and some of my collections.
The little vignette below includes one of my scales, the lid off a small milk churn, 2 flower frogs and other old metal objects in the form of a cast iron flying pig and an old light switch.
I got the milk churn lid at the Shabby Market I took part in a while ago, and have had it sitting on one shelf or another for a long time, waiting to for it to speak to me and tell me what it wants to do.
Yesterday it finally spoke and said “I want to hold a photo”.
Well at the time I didn’t have any photos handy and really didn’t feel like printing one out. I wanted to test it out NOW.
You know how it goes…. Nothing like the present. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today… I pray for patience, but I want it now…
I took the photo of Wayne and Ben which I just love, man and horse communicating quietly.
I got a small magnet and put it behind the photo. It worked! The magnet holds the photo onto the handle. Perfect.
Who needs frames when you can do things like this? Much funner!

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