avoiding housework

What can I say?
I’ve had 6 days off work and I’ve successfully resisted the urge to do housework every single day!
I’m so proud of myself.
The house is a mess. Not helped by the smoked oyster bath Wayne just gave the hallway when he tripped over Barney while carrying a snack to the living room.
So, what have I been doing you ask?
Well, I’ve been busy. Doing STUFF.
I did some washing. AND brought it in. Mom would be so proud…*
Sorted out things that needed sorting before my trip to Greece. Writing lists of things I need to organise before I go and then trying to organise them. Making piles of clothes to take or not take with me on the trip. Reading Game of Thrones book 3 part 2. 
(Addictive… Did I mention I got a Kindle for the trip? Love it!)
Caring for the poodles who both decided to get some kind of pyoderma at the same time, necessitating trips to the vet and multiple pills, washing poodle areas with Malaseb and other indignities.
Had to take the new car in for a small fix to the seatlbelts (under warranty).
Had to take myself into the doctor for “women’s complaints”…
I always wondered about that expression… does complaining about men qualify?
One thing I haven’t done (well, besides housework), is ride Cas. So much for my new horse!
Tomorrow all three horses get their hooves trimmed and Wayne has promised me that if he finishes his chores we’ll go riding on the weekend. 
I’m not holding my breath. I’ve seen his list of chores. And I did not add a single item to it!
I won’t ride alone. 
Ok, I would ride alone but I can’t saddle her alone. I’m just not strong enough to do up a girth. With my dodgey right arm/wrist there’s no way I can tighten up a girth enough so that when I put one foot in the stirrup the saddle stays put. If I tried it the saddle would slip right under her very round belly and deposit me on the ground. 
I know a lot of people who’d pay to see that… and come to think of it, I could use the money. I have an overseas trip coming up you know!
* That’s an ‘in joke’ which my followers from the early days will recognise as relating to a story from my last trip to Greece. Which brings up another point… what will happen to the blog while I’m overseas? 

Well… I’ll continue posting, but the posts will probably be a lot more about the trip, my experiences, family and other funny stories than about all the wierd and wonderful things I do and make.  I plan to include a whole lot more photos that relate to what the blog has evolved into: thrifting, rustic stuff, rust, old stuff, handmade stuff, etc. However I’ll also include a ton of photos of blue sparkly waters, sandy beaches and things to make you all sick with envy.

You’re welcome.

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