on the way to paros

This morning we got up early to take the ferry to Paros. Not early enough though, judging by how full the ferry is. I left mom on the dock to line up for the car and fought my way up the stairs to find seats. We never buy allocated seats (or airplane seats as they’re known) cause we prefer to have the freedom to choose where we’d like to sit in the lounge areas or outside on deck.
All very well if you have a choice. Most of the time the ferries are so full you either have to camp on board over night to get a good spot, or get here really early. We didn’t get here early enough. All table seating was taken but I found us a spot sharing a large table with a family. Cool.
I gotta say though, driving to Pireaus with mom this morning was a real eye opener. I mean that literally. I was still half asleep, but mom’s driving had me wide awake in seconds!
The roads were empty at 6.30am on a Sunday so mom was speeding down narrow streets with cars parked on either side, then zooming down the major roads, pointing out the sights as we went. Taking a hand and her eyes off the road and the brake lights of the taxi ahead of us!
Its bad enough that here in Greece the lines on the road are more a suggestion than lane indicators, there’s mom, driving along at 100 kpm looking left and right as she points out this and that, two wheels in one lane and two in another.
I mean, why commit yourself to one lane?
But we made it. The ferry’s set sail for Paros, Naxos, Ios, Santorini. I have my Kindle, I have my netbook which is about to die on me cause I didn’t charge it, I’m about to go get a coffee. 
All is good in the world.


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