raiding mom’s drawers

While in Athens I’d gone through drawers, boxes and suitcases. Its been a long time since I lived in our home in Athens and there’s been a lot of movement in that house. My brother and his family lived there a while, then Peter moved back in with mom… you can imagine. Things have been moved, gone through, packed, moved again, sorted and thrown out. 
I’m lucky to find any goodies at all. However I did manage to find some things I’ve wanted for a long time. Like dad’s slide collection. Sure, I have some photos of my childhood on paper, but most of the photos dad took were on slide. I’m taking the slides back to Australia with me.
Hello excess baggage fees…
I’m also taking one of the projectors though I found two. One is a single slide projector and I’m torn over whether to take that or not. The other is a carousel. Both are light and I’m not even sure they’d survive the delicate handling of our airline baggage handlers, but I want at least one. If it doesn’t work I’m not overly concerned. I know a man in Hobart who can fix anything.
One aunt has given me 3 koureloudles (rag rugs) we bought when I went to Egypt with her many years ago. I’d shipped mine to Australia in a chest which was unfortunately put in a container shipping olive oil. One broken bottle and my books and koureloudes transformed into oil sponges. I love the smell of oil oil on a salad, but on rag rugs not so much.
My aunt never used hers so she’s given me hers to replace the ones I lost to the great oil disaster of 1989.
I found tons of old photos. Obviously my brother’s gone through them and taken some he wanted for himself (first come first served) but lucky for me there’s tons he didn’t want. Like the ones of the entire family who came to see us off when we left Greece to immigrate to Australia in 1962. Petro wasn’t born yet then. I plan to enlarge one of those as they’re so tiny I would need a microcope to see the faces.
There’s tons from the 70s too of course and all in between as well. Better make room for more stuff…
While rummaging I found my old baptism dress and shoes. Antiques! And mom’s old sewing basket. Here are a few of the things from that, buttons on their cards…
I have this idea to make a display which will include some of these old sewing items and a photo of my grandmother. Now if I can find one of my grandfather’s net mending needles I’ll be set. I can make one for him as well. I have a great photo of the two of them from the 60s. My mom’s father was a fisherman and in the old days the women made the nets and the men would mend them when they ripped. Grandpa was always mending nets.
Moms’ old pinking shears were still in their box and there were needles in their original packaging.
Mom said she’d forgotten she had that stuff cause she no longer sews.
I found some old cookbooks… I can’t wait to read about new ways with food. I’ve seen some very old ‘exciting new’ recipes which looked oh so appetizing. And check out the 15 Ways to Get Your Man With Rice… mmm!
I even found the manual for the Kenwood mixer I took when I left home!
Note the old kourelou (rag rag) background!
I really do enjoy going through old things!
This morning I went into Parikia early in the morning and walked around before the shops opened. I’m a bit sunburned from my first day on the beach so I was in desperate need of sunscreen and after sun lotion. Plus my eyes are itchy already. I’m allergic to Paros… Soon as I went to the beach I started itching. This happened last time I was here and it turned into conjunctivitis. Hopefully I can avoid that this time. I got some drops from the chemist and bought a cheap pair of sunglasses – 400 UV whatever that means, darker than my prescription sunnies. Hopefully that’ll help. I can’t wear my presciption sunnies and read on the beach so I have to take them off, with these I’ll be able to have them on all the time.
I’ll be like one of the old women on the beach – swimming in my hat and sunglasses…
Oh how the mighty have grown old…
So I’m not on the beach now. I will go later when the sun’s not so strong. 

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