mojitos, sunshine and high school friends

Today I’m on Naxos with Peter. We took the short ride over from Paros this morning. Naxos is the island right behind Paros, half an hour from the town of Naoussa and 1 hour from the port of Parikia. Being a chicken with rough seas (and they were rough this morning) I always take the big ferries with their stabilizing ‘wings’. Seriously. They have wings. They’re built like sanitary napkins.
But I was talking about how close Naxos and Paros are. My grandfather used to say that the best thing about Naxos is that you can see Paros from here.
Ok, its not Paros, but Ag. Prokopis beach – where my cousin Zefi has her bar – is the best beach ever. 
That’s the Zefi on Naxos. Zefi Mojito as she’s known on FB. Not to be confused with Zefi Famelis, the OTHER Zefi Famelis. Not me.
I am the ORIGINAL Zefi. The others are just cheap immitations. No matter what they say, its not a case of “I’m the youngest Zefi, you’re just old”. We all know they built things to last in the old days.
Not that I’m old! I’m not admitting to anything.
As an aside, Zefi Mojito must have eyes in the back of her head. I went up to the bar to pay my bill after lunch earlier and she was busy. She still managed to notice me and warn her staff that “anyone who takes money from my cousin will be fired.”
We greek women have eyes in the back of our heads.
Anyway, this trip is amazing. I’m attending a high school reunion here for the first time ever. I think is reunion number 3 in Greece. Apparently a lot of people from Campion have stayed in touch and they have mini reunions in London and other places. The first reunion I heard about was the year after I was in Greece last and held on Paros. In Naoussa to be exact. I couldn’t attend… I just couldn’t afford to travel to Greece again.
I didn’t hear anyone offer to have a reunion in Tasmania…
Anyway… I haven’t seen most of these guys since I was in 12-13th grade. I refuse to disclose how long that is… I can’t count that high.
I don’t have any other photos of the Campion High School reunion yet cause so far all we’ve done is sit on the beach, swim and talk. And we all know cameras are forbidden on the beach.
The problem with the modern world is that there are cameras everywhere. Even if I make sure I never post unflattering photos of me on FB (ie no photos where I’m not totally covered) someone somewhere will take a photo and there it’ll be, forever, for the world to see. 
However if anyone from this group takes a photo of me with less than 3 articles of clothing on and publishes it, I’ll be hunting them down. 
You’ve been warned!
It really is amazing to be here again. Three years later. They do say people always return to the scene of the crime, don’t they…
Last time I came, I imported my own friend in the form of Merrill. And we had the best time. This time I’ve come to meet friends from my past. And it really is wonderful to reconnect with them and hear news of others who aren’t here.
This trip is really a trip down memory lane in more ways than one. Last trip was about having fun and getting a tan. This trip is about family first, and friends in an almost coincidental way.
Let me explain, thanks to Zina, Tom, Lisa and FB I’ve been able to connect with Helen in Athens. And when I return to Athens I’ll see Christine as well. Both friends from Campion School. An English school in Athens. You tend to bond in an environment like that, a fish out of water thing.
Today I saw Leslie, one of my closest friends in Campion. She’s the one who introduced me to hamsters. Last time I saw her her daughter was in nappies, now she’s in university. When I return to Paros I’ll see Valerie who I went to junior school with. That’s from 4th grade to 8th grade… She has a house on Paros now. Incredible.
See what I mean? I’m catching up with people I haven’t seen in years.
… I sure hope this doesn’t mean the end is near… you know how your life goes flashing before your eyes? A kind of “this is your life” thing before I meet my bitter end?
Nah. Only the good die young and I’ve been very, very bad. Just ask my mother. I was hell on wheels as a kid and worse as a teenager.
I remember when I was a kid and I’d be at some family do and I’d hear mom say “I haven’t seen him for 20 years!”. I’d fall about like “Twenty years! That’s so long!” Back then a 40 year old was decrepid.
Then one day I realised I’d known people for 20 years. Or 30. Or more. 
No need to go there.
I gotta go. I hear a mojito calling….

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