fun day at the market and another baking tin caddy


Its been a long week day. Today a friend and I had a market stall in the Shabby Chic Market. I enjoy meeting people, selling stuff and spending some of my hard earned cash at other seller’s tables!
 Its always fun to do a market but getting ready for them is a killer. 
I don’t do them very often. I have more than enough on my plate as it is. A market means more time spent making things to sell and less time spent on cleaning the house, washing dishes or doing laundry.
Come to think of it, I should do more markets…

I’m sleep deprived.
I’ve been up late every night in order to get a few things finished and guess what? I haven’t finished them all.
And guess what else?
I’m doing another market next weekend!
What’s that saying? “No rest for the wicked”… or is it “Glutton for punishment”?
On the positive side, I came home to a cooked dinner, washed dishes and clean washing. Wayne is a gem!

Anyway, thought I’d share another baking tin storage caddy. I made 3 but only photographed two. I shared one last week but this is my favourite. It didn’t sell today and I think it might be a sign.
I’m seriously considering using it at the sink to hold dish washing liquid, hand soap and sponges in the kitchen.

I’ve taken photos of some of my projects which I’ll be sharing soon but I apologise in advance for the quality of some of the photos… The weather was ‘ordinary’ yesterday so I had to take most of the photos indoors with lousy lighting. Not even Photoshop can fix some of those photos….


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