tiered tin caddy

I’ve always loved those cute desk caddys I’ve seen made out of old baking tins.

I have tons of baking tins. I’ve been collecting them for ages. I have them in all shapes and sizes. Same with ice trays. And colanders.

I collect them to put plants in, and I will be doing that too. I have plans…

Meanwhile I decided I’d make myself a tierd baking tray caddy. I went with 2 tiers. Its just the right size for holding all kinds of goodies. On my desk, the top holding tins with pens and other drawing stuff, the bottom holding the other bits and pieces we all collect on our desks.

I think one at the kitchen sink would be good, holding dishwashing liquid and sponges. Maybe in the bathroom to hold the moisturizer, watches, whatever.

When I have a nicer kitchen with room to put one of them… I have plans for that kitchen too.

Right now the plan is to bring in a tarp to throw over all the dirty dishes in the sink so I don’t have to look at them…


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