make a crown from a tin can

Don’t you just love crowns? Especially rusty crowns.

I saw a rusty crown on Pinterest when I first joined it and really really wanted one of my own. But where to find one?

Solution: make my own!

Firstly, I got a tin can. This one used to have some kind of fruit in it so it was bigger than your usual baked beans can.

I got a piece of paper and cut it to fit around the can. Then I folded it so I could divide it into uniform peaks for my crown.

I cut out the pattern and traced it onto the can using a marker.

I used tin snips to cut the can and then used a file to make the edges a little less dangerous.

Its still pretty sharp, however, so if I was to make another one I’d go a step further and fold over the edges to round them off.

So, my crown was made, but of course it was WAAAAY too shiny.

I put it in a solution of salt and vinegar, but really, I’ve never had as much luck with that as they claim on Pinterest. I found that you can leave most things in salt and vinegar for-EVER and nothing happens. HOWEVER, once you take them out and expose them to the air a while things start to happen. ie Rust happens.

With the crown, I sat it in a bowl of solution and kept turing it to get a kind of rusty effect.

Given my crown is a bit on the deadly side, I’ll be using it as a decorative item in places where no one can impale themselves on it. ie, I won’t be leaving it on the couch…

I really enjoyed working with the tin. I’m thinking of a few other projects I could use tin cans for…

For now I think I’ll just concentrate on the other 5097 projects I have waiting.


PS. Some updated photos of the crown. Turns out it wasn’t finished after all. It took Wayne 5 seconds to ‘fix’ it. All he did was bend the points and it was better!

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10 thoughts on “make a crown from a tin can

  1. Visiting from Knick of Time. This is so cute!!! I have never heard of the Salt and Vinegar method, will definitely be trying this. Pinning this, finally a project I might try with my billion tin cans I have saved!


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