wire, frames and photos

Thought I’d share these two wire frames I made and sold at the last market.

This first one is using… you guessed it!… birdwire!

‘Cause as you know, I have a ton of it. Though a ton less than I had before after lining the dog pen with it for the ducks…

Speaking of which, we now stand 2 ducklings down, 8 remaining. One egg down, 9 remaining. And holding our breath.

But I digress. Back to the frame. I have a couple of frames with this design on them so I decided I’d try one as a birdwire photo display.

The second frame I did with the wire lines for something different. (I like the birdwire better!)

Still, they’re both very handy. If I hadn’t sold them I’d be using them right now.


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