love our geeses to pieces

The geese have settled in well. Yesterday they started to seem comfortable in the penned enclosure, playing in the buckets of water and not phased by us looking in on them.

We decided it was time to introduce them to their new home. It involved Wayne and I ‘herding’ them out the pen, through the  yard and out to the paddock and the dam.

First photo shows them making their way through the yard. Henry leads the way. Turns out Henry is quite the brave boy!

 Scrambling up the steep dam side was a bit of hard work…

But the view from the top was worth it!

Of course, they then had to scramble down into the water. Henry led the way, of course.

Then it was just enjoying the water, after 2 days of dry land.

I think they like it here. Well, they’re still here, so here’s hoping. At least we now know they’re not homing geese.
The ducks are a bit put out. Till now it was just them on the dam, now they have to share with these gigantic birds. They’re not too impressed. I think they’ve reached a truce – sharing the dam but keeping a respectful distance.
Meanwhile the duck saga continues.
Yesterday morning we enticed the 2 mother ducks and their brood (which had halved in the last few days) into the chicken coop. From there we were able to catch the mothers and then the babies. We put them all into the safe pen. All seems well there. No losses yet.
However, this afternoon Wayne came in with a tiny duckling in his hands. This little baby has an injured leg and was apparently being trodden on and pushed around by the others. He didn’t stand a chance out there. I’ve put him in a cardboard box lined with a dog heating pad, some warm blankets and water and food. If he makes it through the night he may have a chance in here.

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