we have geese!

Yesterday we welcomed 3 new members to our Wind Dancer family.

Three gorgeous geese.

I’m in love with them.

And I never wanted geese.

This is the story: Wayne has always loved geese. I finally gave in and started to consider it. Then I spent about a month online looking for some geese for him.

In the beginning all I found were exotic geese. I didn’t want them. I wanted the plain ones like I’ve seen for years. White. Big. Gorgeous.

I found a guy who had sold all his goslings but had some 1-1.5 year olds he was happy to sell. One female and 5 males. I claimed the female and one male.

When we got there yesterday he offered us another male for free because he just had too many of them. We accepted.

You know us. We have no spine when it comes to animals…

So now we have 3 gorgeous geese who refuse to talk to us.

I’d have taken photos of them but they’re sulking and I don’t want to make them hate me more than they already do by forcing my company on them.

I don’t blame them mind you. We lobbed up at their place yesterday where they’d been minding their own business, weren’t even properly introduced  before we grabbed them, manhandled them into cages in the back of a noisy truck, on the hottest day of the year, driven all over the countryside, then plonked them in a small enclosure (the one we call Alcatraz which had been used for the roosters before) and then had the nerve to try and make friends with them.

They’re not happy.

They haven’t come out of the little shed since we got them.

They just huddle together and glare at us…


I want to make friends!

I already named one of the boys. His name is Henry. He looked like a Henry. He has one slightly squinty eye so you can tell which one he is.

I never realised, but the boys have orange rims around their eyes and their eyes are blue.

I absolutely love our geese. I hope they learn to love us back and love living here.


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