a primitive bird

Time to share something creative. Its been all ducks, geese, seeds and driveways lately on this blog.
Here’s a primitive* little bird I made out of some old fabric scaps. The inspiration came from artwork I’d seen on, where else, Pinterest.
*Primitive = my hand stitching is pretty primitive.
The idea was to make a picture using fabric instead of paints or pastels.

I learned a couple of things doing this.

I enjoyed doing it.
Its much quicker to paint or draw.
I’m way better with a brush than a needle.

It was worth trying it, though, right?

Still, I had fun. Hand stitching is therapeutic. You can do it while you watch TV if you’re not too invested in actually watching TV.

I framed it in an old frame I’d got at a tip shop. One of those ‘slide a photo in and stand it up on the dressing table’ type of frames.

Its a cheerful little bird. And its made up almost entirely of small scaps which had been destined for the bin cause they were too small to make anything else out of.

When I get the chance (time, inspiration, whatever), I’ll make another one or three.

Meanwhile, the duckling is still alive. Maybe even a little livelier today…? He cheeped at me.

I checked on him this morning, dreading what I’d find, but found a snug little duckling, some food eaten and all the water gone. Most likely spilled. Still, he was alive! That’s a win.

This afternoon I gave him a bigger box, more space but still snug and warm. I hope his foot gets better. I really do.


ps. When I say ‘he’, I have no idea, he could be a she like Little Herman is.

pps. Little Herman was the runt of a duckling we saved and raised a couple of years ago. I named him Little Herman and he turned out to be a she.

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