vintage book christmas tree

… or how to do a token Christmas tree when you’re not really doing the decoration thing.

Firstly, you panic cause its, like, Christmas, and you have nothing Christmassy to blog about.

You grab a pile of old books you have lying around the house.

You stack them up, making sure they’re in the right order so they form a ‘tree’ shape. Or a pyramid shape.

You look around for something to top the ‘tree’ with. Locate a wooden star you’ve used before.

Balance it on top of the book stack.

You look around for something to trim the tree… I mean, it might just be a stack of books, but the trimming is what makes it a Christmas tree, right?

You find a broken string of pearls you once found on the ground near a bin in the city, and picked up, cause, like, why not. See? You knew it would come in handy one day.

You artfully drape the pearls over the tree.

You step back and admire it, thinking “there, did my Christmas bit”.

Then you go get a camera, take a photo and blog about it.


PS I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!

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