fancy bleach jeans

In between posts about kitchens and navel gazing, I thought I’d continue to post the odd crafty DIY project.

I have this old pair of jeans that I wear when I’m having a bloated tummy day. They aren’t ‘good’ jeans, just a very cheap pair I picked up a few years ago. Strangely enough, they’ve outlived my ‘good’ jeans.

Anyway, they had a light spot on one leg where I’d probably splashed a bit of bleach somehow. Like when I decided stuff the natural shower cleaners, I’m going with the big guns.

Since I’m not ready to totally throw them out, I figured I’d use them to experiment with.

I got out a small watercolour paintbrush, a bit of bleach and started painting.

I did it in two stages as I was winging it. Typical Zefi. I decide to do something then just go off and do it without real preparation or planning.

The fabric absorbed the bleach really quickly so I had to keep charging up the brush, then it would  ‘leach’ into the fabric and spread. Thus the variations in line thickness.

It turned out ok though.

I’d wear them in public.


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