dancer is home!

Our girlie is back!

Dancer’s been away for a long time… we took her to be broken in to saddle before I went to Greece last year, then, for one reason or another, her return was put off again and again.

Over the last few months I’ve been going down to visit her and having a few rides to get used to her (and her used to me and my clumsy ways). But now our girlie is back home, finally.

She’s looking gorgeous. She’s such a sweet-natured girl. But she’s green. And I’m not the best rider in the world. I mean, I never was the best rider in the world, but I had balance and I could stick to a horse back then.

Makes sense that after many many years of not riding, many many additional kilos, compounded with middle age, that I’d get myself a green horse to ride. I got myself a pair of sticky-bum jodhpurs but I’d need superglue-bum jodhpurs to stay on if Dancer jumps sideways suddenly…

Anyway, Jenny has done a wonderful job in schooling her. If you have a horse you need broken I highly recommend her. Dancer is responsive to a light touch, a shift of weight and a squeeze of the thighs. Suits me perfectly in one way as I’ve always had soft hands. Doesn’t suit me at all (yet) in another as my balance is still off… I’m still riding like the sack of potatoes my first riding teacher used to accuse us of being.

That will improve with time and more riding.

I hope.

Gotta go.

I have a horse to ride!


1 thought on “dancer is home!

  1. your horses are beautiful, zefi! i live in the middle of about a million people, and your setting appeals to me so much. you have an amazing talent painting!! thank you so much for the info on acl surgery. we are rethinking and will get another opinion b4 going forward. have a great sunday!


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