the tshirts which almost ended us

I forgot to mention another thing I did do over the last month or so while I’ve been feeling unproductive…

I did the T-shirts for the work camp.

I’ll go to my grave insisting that Wayne asked me if I wanted to design the T-shirts.

He’ll insist to his grave that he asked me to make the T-shirts.

I would never have agreed to hand draw 38 T-shirts! Even if I had agreed to hand-draw 38 images there’s no way on earth I’d have agreed to hand write anything. My hand-lettering sucks.

Big time.

That’s why I use a computer!

The idea was that there’d be 6 teams (which soon became 7), each team would have a different colour T and a different native animal as their name. The animals had already been chosen. I designed 7 different logos for the teams. (Excuse the pics, the colours are all off.)

The camp staff needed their own Ts representing all the teams. That was another 5 T-shirts. (This is supposed to be a white T!)

Anyway, the fronts were done easily enough. Despite a lot of hard work and a lot of swearing. I suggested we use iron-on transfers for the backs since there was no way I’d get the type done otherwise.

Took me 3 solid days of drawing and ironing but the Ts came out great.

I did mess up one… or three… Ok, only one drawing was really stuffed up (though a few of the goannas looked like they’d been run over by a truck) cause I started really big and found that there was no way I could make the images that large and hope to use the fabric pens to do it.

I stuffed up a couple of the iron-ons as well. Some didn’t peel off properly cause the iron wasn’t hot enough, others got cooked a bit cause the iron was too hot.


Apparently the T-shirts were a hit on the camp.


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