cabinets are in – kitchen update

Yes! The cabinets are in. It feels like a huge step forward.

It is a huge step forward really. The cabinets are in place, the handles are on and its looking great.

For the drawers I picked antique style cup pulls like the ones on my old dressers. I bought them on ebay, from England. They were cheaper from there, even with postage.


On the cupboard doors I’m using these pumpkin style knobs I bought on ebay a long time ago. They’re actually cream, not white, and they match the new stove perfectly.

And the floor is done. Today I really needed to actually finish something. You know that feeling? So many things are just not going well, not the way I planned, not smoothly… I just needed to feel I’ve achieved something.
I gave the floor a light sand with 240 sandpaper, cleaned it, and scooted around on my butt (twice) to give it two more coats of polyurethane. It looks great!
If I wasn’t so tired right now I’d be jumping for joy.
Wayne is pleased I’m finished too. He was getting really annoyed at having to go out the living room door, walk around the porch, go in through the mud room to access the entry/pantry just to get to the fridge.
Next on the agenda? The electrician is coming to connect the stove and dishwasher. And we’ll get the dishwasher plumbed in.
Of course, we can’t get the sink put in till we have the new benchtop. Right now we only have a temporary MDF benchtop.
Another thing on my agenda is to kill the gas fitter. He installed the gas and put the pipes on the outside of the wall. It caused some grief to the guys fitting the kitchen cabinets, but they worked around it. The real problem is that the connection is also on the outside… which means that the already wide stove will stick out even more from the wall. Not to mention the gap behind it… what on earth will I do with a gap behind the stove?
I was so angry when I realised. I threatened to call the gas fitter to come back and fix it. Then Wayne told me they’d discussed it and decided it was better easier to do it this way.
That’s the last time I don’t look over a tradesman’s shoulder when he’s working for me.

1 thought on “cabinets are in – kitchen update

  1. Build a box – sides and top, basically – to attach to the wall behind the stove. Finish it to either blend into the wall or stove, or to contrast and be a feature. It'll give you a small ledge behind the stove to hold salt & pepper and oil, etc. and take away the potential for losing everything you ever use for cooking behind the stove.


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