steamer pendant light

I’ve been swamped by things that need doing lately. So much so that creativity seems to have been left far, far behind.
This morning I opened up the door to the silver shed (where we keep mowing stuff, chicken feed in a large plastic bin, and where I store projects that have been finished to take to markets and projects waiting to be started…) and I was assailed by the putrid smell of mouse pee.
I had seen evidence of mice in there, what do you expect when you store grain, even in a bin with a lid? But today the smell was really strong. Sigh.
I have to start working on projects again soon, before the mice eat everything!
Anyway, I had promised I’d share the two pendant lights I’d made a couple of weeks ago when the creative urge got too strong to suppress.
This is the first one. I’ve hung this in the back entry/pantry. Actually its the only way anyone uses to enter the house. It is rather wierd, to enter through a pantry, but hey, in country homes no one ever uses the front door.
Especially if it means walking all the way around the house to access it.
I have friends who never even knew we had a front door!
But I digress. This light is made from a tip shop steamer and one of those ready to use light extension cords you can get at the hardware store. I had two of them and when I found them in the casita I thought “what the heck” and put them to use.

Since the holes are only at the bottom of the steamer there are no pretty patterns on the wall around this light. It directs light downwards. Its not ideal for the pantry area, but it’ll do for now. It would be better over a table or a desk.

Obviously we use those low energy light globes everywhere.

I hate them.

They take ages to warm up to full strength and they’re ugly. But what can you do? You can get other styles in low energy globes now so when it comes time to replace them I’ll be looking for prettier alternatives.

Very rustic, huh?

The other light is prettier. Stay tuned.


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