reaching new heights

I’ve been offline for a little bit but trust me, its not cause I’ve been flat out busy. 
I’ve been mildly busy and mainly lazy.
Having said that, I did do a few things when the inspiration hit me, usually at really inappropriate times.
I finally finished painting the first coat on the fascia at the front of the house. This is a job I do not enjoy. Its so high! I need to do another coat and maybe I’ll tackle that today… Maybe I’ll only tackle half of it today… Who knows?

I mainly did it yesterday cause I was sick of watching the potato vine grow into a heap on the ground and start to crawl under the deck.

Once I finished painting the first coat on the fascia I attached some wire (leftover dog fencing) to it on either side of a post and the downpipe. The idea is to hide the downpipe one day…

The potato vine is growing like a weed. Its already wrapped itself around one of Wayne’s sculptures but I love the way its swirled around it.

It does need trimming though. I cut off all the bits that were growing out along the ground, pulled any long bits I could up onto the wire but I have a sneaky feeling I need to thin it out a whole lot more so that the upward growing vines get stronger…

I’m not a gardener. I never claimed to be good at it. One day I might show you my attempt to sculpt shapes into my box hedges…

Another little job I managed to do was put names on the new winter rugs for the big horses. I do this every year since all the rugs are the same colour and we need to be able to tell them apart without looking for size tags inside.

Other than that… I’m in limbo. Waiting for the electrician and the electricity company to come move the power so work can continue in the kitchen.


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