why did I think this would be a good idea? – kitchen update

I think I’m heading for a nervous breakdown.

In fact, I think that when the renovation is over, I will have one.

I’ve earned it. I’ve worked hard for it. No one is going to stop me from having one if I want to.


I know the saying about renovation being up there along with death of a family member for stress factor or relationship breakdown, but I really didn’t think it would be this hard.

I’ve renovated before. In my first house in Melbourne I lived with walls pulled down, tiles laid over holes in the floor, holes in the ceiling and no bathroom/toilet door for over a year. That renovation included extending the bathroom, moving the toilet from the laundry to the bathroom, knocking out 2 walls to create an open plan living room, moving two doors, repainting throughout, building a pergola, putting in air conditioning and polishing floorboards.

Simon and I broke up, but that wasn’t a result of the renovation. We were heading that way before the renovations started.

They didn’t help, mind you…

In Fentonbury I put dado rails in half the house, put in a new bathroom, refreshed the kitchen, added a grooming room by enclosing a porch, polished floorboards, repainted inside and out, ripped out carpet and put in vinyl, replaced a wood heater, and put up new fencing.

I lived through all of that without breaking down, stressing out or feeling like I was overwhelmed.

I have no idea why this is getting to me this time.

Maybe its the feeling of not being in control. Not  knowing where I am with things cause I’m reliant on others… and how nothing can be done without something else being done first.

I was told the electrician was on holidays for a week or two weeks. We finally heard from Aurora and now we have a date… they’re coming on Monday morning sometime. At least I hope its Monday morning. As long as they come on Monday I’ll be happy, no matter what time it is.

I spoke to them, yes the electrician certainly needs to be there during or after so the power can be connected.

I’d left a message with the electrician. He never got back to me. I called him and no, he’s not on holiday till next week… He’ll come on Thursday to move the cables and set it up so that he doesn’t have to be here with Aurora comes, just in case he can’t be here.


Why are things so difficult…?

And why didn’t he do that.. oh, like the 15th time he was here????

I just don’t get it.

I give up.

When Wayne asked how long till the kitchen is ready to use I said, “Well… first we need Aurora to move the metre box. And the electrician to move the cables. The window needs to go in next. Then the walls need to be lined. Then the benchtop will go in. Then the sink will be put in and it and the dishwasher can be plumbed. Then we can  use the kitchen cause I can paint around a working kitchen. So lets say it takes 10 days for Aurora to do their thing. And another 2-3 days for Handyman to put in the window and do the walls… and if the bench is ready, he can put that in, another day there… and the plumbing, maybe another day (cause there’s no such thing as quick and easy)… I think the kitchen will be ready to use sometime around Christmas.”

Did I mention Wayne is allergic to change? Add renovation to that now.

You may remember I’ve already started removing carpet in the office. Floorbaords in there and the hallway match the kitchen so they’re next on the list… when I recover from the kitchen.

That job doesn’t worry me though, cause that job I can do myself – I can work at my own pace and won’t be at anyone else’s mercy.

With the added bonus of feeling like I’m finally organising, cleaning, tidying and actually doing something! You know. Getting somewhere. No longer living in limbo…

Well… on Monday morning I was woken by Wayne telling me I had a job to do.

One of the dogs had had diarhea in the office.

I’m sick of cleaning that carpet. I took out a stanley knife, cut the poohed part out and threw it away.


Its going anyway, right?

I’m so over this.


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