kitchen decisions

I’ve been thinking about new kitchen chairs.

And dishes.

And light fittings.

But the chairs pushed themselves to the top of the list when Wayne broke the leg on one of my old kitchen chairs last week.

I always suspected the day would come when I’d need to rethink the rickety, pretty but badly restored chairs I have in the kitchen. I love my mismatched timber tip shop chairs, but truth is there’s only so much strengthening I can do with my limited expertise.

(ie no expertise…)

So, I started looking for new chairs for the new kitchen and found this website:

I love it! I love everything they have. Not that its all right for this house… I would have loved all their furniture in my house in Melbourne which was a 1950’s house both in architecture and my decor.

Anyway, this is the style of chair I thought I’d love in the kitchen. They’ve been all over the  various TV renovation shows and magazines lately. I love the mix of industrial and vintage in a country style kitchen. Plus I think they’d be strong…

I was able to test these ones out at Freedom locally and they’re really nice. Though Wayne is right… they may be too cold!

I like the school-like simplicity of these chairs from Retro Jan. Not as trendy but really cute.

However I’ve decided that Wayne is right. Timber chairs would be better, not to mention warmer!
Finding timber chairs sold separately, that didn’t cost squillions of $$$ is another matter. I managed to find these which should be available locally. I’ll go look at them soon and see.
I think I like the first one best, the last is too chunky. 

Not sure I want them ‘natural’ either but I won’t make any decisions till the kitchen is finished.

I think I need to see it finished and live in it a while before I make final decisions or purchase anything new. Right now I don’t even know how my table will fit in the kitchen with the new layout.

So, where are we on this whole kitchen thing?

Well… this last week has seen the pine panelling on the walls finished. Except for the corner trims… the gaps filled, and the painting.

I’ve undercoated the kitchen door, the window moulding and the trims for the bench and corners.

Handyman has put up the rangehood but not put in the vent cause… of course… we’ve hit a snag. A roof support snag.

Right in the way of the vent.


So we need a bit of flexi pipe or a rigid 90 degree bend to finish it.

Wayne is now asking when, realistically, we can expect the kitchen to be finished.

I want to know too.

Well, Handyman says he will probably be able to put the benchtop in next weekend.


I won’t hold my breath. At this stage having no kitchen feels almost normal.

Its been so long!


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