more or less back to normal

More or less. The kitchen is working great, but could use some shelves.

I’m getting to them.

The office is coming along. The floor is looking great, I put the shelves back up and have put in a ton of my necessary stuff. I also packed away things I don’t need on hand all the time.

I can’t wait to get rid of the old computer, but till I get all the programs I need on the laptop I have to live with 2 computers on my desk.

I’ve been going through a phase, trying to minimise things in the house and in my life. I’ve moved most of my craft stuff to the shed in plastic storage boxes. When I work on a project I just go and get the specific box I need. If I keep putting boxes back when I’m finished with them I can stop the office from becoming a dumping ground.

I need to clean and organise the pantry. Another huge job. Not to mention that I need to do the floor in there as well.


The filing cabinets are outside on the footpath.

I moved them there today so I could spray paint them both. Wayne’s is cream and mine is purple. I wanted them to match since they always go in my office.

So now I’m waiting for them to come back inside so I can finish putting things away. Not that they’ll come in on their own… no such luck. But I think I’ll rope Wayne into bringing them in for me. Getting them out was hard enough.

The living room is back to an almost normal configuration – some office and kitchen stuff still lingers, waiting for its forever home and racks dry clothes in front of the heater. All I seem to do is move things from one room to another in a vicious circle as I move my attention from one part of the house to another.

Will we ever live in a house where everything is in its place or am I doomed to repeat this pattern forever?

Don’t answer that.


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