office makeover – part 2

The office is almost finished. Sure, things around here are never actually really finished, but its now as finished as it will be for a while.

Warning: these photos were taken ‘in progess’ so they’re not all neat and tidy!

The one thing thats glaringly obviously not finished is the blind on the window. Still the old salmon coloured one. Its a colour that haunts me. Since the window isn’t a standard size I can’t just go buy a cheap blind to replace it so I’m considering my options. Till then, I can live with it.

As you can see above, there will always be boxes of stuff for the various projects I have on the go at any given time lined up in the office. But if I keep my promise to myself and work on one (or two, okay, maybe three) projects at a time, I can keep the mess down. Especially if I put away things I’m finished with.

I bought these two colourful rag rugs online. I had planned to sew them together to make one large rug for the office but they’re very obviously different lengths. Well, the guy did say they’re handmade so they do differ! Doesn’t really matter. I’ll be putting my non-slip rug underneath them and they’ll do the job of keeping the office a bit warmer in winter. Plus, they’re easier to wash when they’re smaller.

I spray painted our filing cabinets gloss black so they’d match. Mine was a purpley colour and Wayne’s was a more original beige. Now they’re both black and they don’t stand out like sore thumbs.

The light fitting is a waste paper basket I hurriedly put up and that needs finishing too. I have the crystals. I just need to get it down and fix it up.
I’ve painted the shelves a deep shade of aqua to match the cute little coat hanger near the map which holds some of my scarves.
The wooden box under the desk holds my power board and once I hinge the top on it it’ll act as a footstool when I’m working at the desk.

My sewing machine will live on its little school desk on castors so its always handy when I need it. My paper storage stool had to find a temporary spot too.

I have plans to make that wall above the sewing machine a wall of memories with photos and shadow boxes.

The map is a feature on the wall near the door. Right now its still a blank wall where I pile boxes of materials. I hope to one day, maybe, possibly, put a nice armchair in that corner near the small cupboard with drawers. I have a reading lamp I’m working on for that corner too.


Its not a big room.

This is my new paperweight. An antique iron. Love it.

My tin rusty tin crown sits on top of the dvd player cause I have no idea where else to put it and it always makes me smile when I see it.

A shabby letter holder now holds my paint brushes and the pottery measure Merrill gave me still holds my necklaces.

I’m still using my old suitcases, metal boxes and baskets for storage as much as possible cause I love the look of them. I have less storage space in the office now I moved the dresser into the kitchen so I really do need them.

The shelves are still a bit of a mess of things I like and want to keep around me, plus things I need in order to work. I figure they’ll sort themselves out eventually.

A small timber box I decoupaged holds my usb sticks and other small but necessary gadgets. The shelf wall and desk are now home to a desktop computer with its own monitor, a TV monitor I connect my laptop to when I’m doing film editing and a dvd/video player so I can watch movies in the office if and when I get an armchair in there.

Eventually I’ll be getting rid of the desktop computer so I’ll have a bit less clutter on the desk, but knowing me, unless I’m very careful I’ll soon lose the desk under tons of paperwork to be filed or acted upon. The theory is that when I love a room I make an effort.

The kitchen is still clean and tidy so there may be hope for me yet.


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