the kitty cat project

Thought I’d share a project made at work by one of our participants, with help from staff and myself. Who is also staff…
Meet The Great Hunters.

These cats were out from patterns made by myself and another staff member, then stitched together by one of our participants who loves sewing projects using recycled curtain fabric.

On their own, each cat is just a cat. But as a group they’re more interesting. Especially when they each have a dead animal they hunted in front of them. Especially when two of the three dead animals are endangered… cause then you have artwork with a message and a twisted sense of humour.

I made the dead animals to go with the cats. They’re needle felted wool and the bird and mouse have wire legs.

Here’s the mouse. I love him. In fact I wore him as a broach when I first made him. He makes a great broach. How often do you see a dead mouse broach really? Not enough I say.

Gotta love that sticky-out tongue!

The bird is a many spotted pardalotte. We have a few of them around here and they’re not nearly as chunky as the one I made…

Lastly there’s the eastern quoll. Complete with its own sticky-out tongue.

Here they all are, looking pretty pleased with themselves.

Sometimes I really love my job. The participant who made the cats is thrilled with her work and its great to assist with something like this.


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