we’re gonna need a (bigger) boat

Its only rained twice this week.

Once for 3 days and once for 4 days.

Ok. Its been raining a lot.

This morning we had pools of water all over the paddocks. At lunchtime we had a lake.

It all starts up here, where the creek overflows near the ford.

The problem is ongoing and we’ve been trying to fix things since we bought the farm. First thing we did was hire someone with an excavator who swore he knew exactly what needed to be done, then went ahead and did what he wanted even when we and the neighbour behind us jumped up and down and told him not to.
See, it all began way before our time here with a combination of things.
First the landowner up the hill sold off blocks but kept the road/driveway as a private road. And didn’t put in culverts. 
And the council allowed that to happen.
Next, the creek that runs down from the hills behind us was redirected by the guy who owned our property before us. The creek used to run through the middle of the top paddock and he moved it to where the ford is now.
This resulted in an unnatural sharp bend on the creek which overflows every time we get more than a light rain. Add to that the fact that there are no culverts on the road above, so we also get sand washing down in the stream. The sand fills up the creek bed and, when it rains heavily, the water overflows the creek sides and floods our paddocks.
For the first two years we lived here we couldn’t get up to the top of our property in winter cause we couldn’t get over the ford. It was under water.
Enter our amazing excavator man who decided we needed a ‘secondary creek’ for overflow and this is what we have now:
See where the water runs into the creek at the top of the pic? Now notice where the sand filled ‘overflow’ has overflowed into the paddock.
This is the result:

The creek is on the other side of the fence on our next door neighbour’s land at this point… the lake is ours. It follows the line of the creek, not IN it, all the way down our property.

In case you’re wondering, the water at the bottom of the pic is dam overflow…  that joins the creek overflow at the bottom of the middle paddock and forms a bigger lake in the bottom paddock.

Then it breaks out and flows onto the road…

Both at the side of the creek in a small waterfall:

And over our driveway:

Down past our gate:

Where the two rivers happily join together:

Rushing down the road and eventually crossing it in a couple of places:

Straight down into our neighbour’s property opposite:

Almost to his doorstep. This is his driveway outside his house and shed.

It then runs off over his paddock, joins another river coming down from the road and runs down to the river beyond.

Needless to say, our neighbours love us.
This is our dam. Its pretty full. Note the overflow spot our newest excavator man put in? (near the top middle of the dam about where the geese are.) He did a better job than ‘amazing excavator man’. Only one problem… the overflow doesn’t go down into the paddock as planned (where it would just add itself to our lake and the river flowing into the road)… it just follows the side of the dam and floods the areas just below our house.
Meanwhile, this the side of the shed… my poor plants. That’s a very sickly mexican orange blossom near the corregated iron. Not looking happy at all. Lucky I put the hardenbergia in a pot!

The good news is the hardenbergia is flowering!

The bad news is the grooming room is flooded. And at this stage I’m not sure if its come in from the slightly opened window or through the floor!
If its from the window, how come there’s no water near the other window??? 
If its from the floor, how come this has never happened before? Sure its damp in there when it rains, but never so damp you could swim in it!
Then again, the casita in that section has concrete floors… I bet they weren’t built to withstand this much water. 
I’m seriously considering making some major alterations to the casita – namely removing the flat roofed sections of the building, leaving only the older/original part. It would mean some knocking down and a lot of rearranging the spaces that are left. Doable… but I think Wayne will kill me if I mention it…
Maybe I’ll get him drunk, then tell him…

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