the tooth fairy isn’t happy

Update on the tooth saga.

I still have it.

Ok – here’s the story.

Since I last posted I’ve continued to pop pills on a regular basis. Sometimes I’d not take them for a while cause I’d be thinking ‘Hey, I feel ok. I’m just imagining it. I don’t have a problem with my tooth’. Then the pain would hit and I’d be popping pills like Ben Johnson popping steroids.

I made an appointment with the dentist on Thursday at 2.15pm. I don’t think I really wanted to go… I’ve been working up a pretty good dentist phobia. I wrote 2.45pm in my diary and as a result, I missed my appointment.

Luckily (or unluckily?) they managed to squeeze me in today.

Lucky I guess, cause it woke me up again last night. Ouch.

The dentist took another xray. All looked fine. Still.

The dentist discussed options… pull out the tooth. Its right at the back, not really necessary for eating as its not meeting the top tooth or something like that, do a root canal, but then maybe its not worth it, the tooth seems a bit loose… maybe its unstable… maybe we could try removing the filling, packing it with antibiotic & sedative and see how it goes. If it works, great. I go back in and have a real filling put in. If it doesn’t work, I go in and either have the tooth pulled or extend the problem by having a root canal.

Uhmmm. One quick procedure, one (smaller) bill. One long procedure, one (huge) bill, followed up with another procedure and another (huger) bill.

Tough decision.

If I’m going to crown (and bridge) anything, I think I’ll go for the upper, further forward gap in my mouth.

The dentist gave me an injection, waited a while, then started drilling. He successfully ducked my punch. Good reflexes. I guess dentist’s need those.

He gave me another injection and waited some more. Filling removed and replaced by balm for angry teeth.

All was going well. The numbness wore off. I felt fine… for about four hours. Then the pain came back, like a long lost friend.

I now have a pain killer problem. I’m running out of them.

Dentures are looking pretty good right now. If they hurt you just take them out and plunk them in a glass of water on the bedside table.


1 thought on “the tooth fairy isn’t happy

  1. Have you decided on what procedure to use? Filling up an unstable tooth doesn't usually solve the problem, as it would still be wobbly. Plus, you'd still have a second appointment to put in the permanent filling. Extracting it wil expose a part of your gums at the back. Dentures does look like a best solution, for now. Either way, since you're in pain, deciding on this should be the priority, so they don't pile up wt. Good luck!

    Warren Fitzgerald @ Brockington Dental


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