banana spring rolls


Disclaimer: this is not my photo. I found this while looking for recipes online. This is from Temptasian Restaurant in British Columbia,

However, this is what the banana spring roll I had in Victoria looked like.

I am in love. Its seriously good.

So, when I found spring roll pastry in our supermarket that was it. It was on the menu.

Now, I found lots of different recipes, not just with banana, any fruit will work looks like. I did mine simply. No brown sugar in with the banana, just banana in pastry. And it worked beautifully and tasted amazing.

All I did was peel two bananas, wrap them in the pastry with difficulty (their shape doesn’t lend to wrapping) and then I tried to do as suggested and use a ‘little water’ to stick the pastry sheet closed.

Uhuh. Didn’t work for me.

Still, I managed to wrap the bananas up somehow, something similar to Christmas presents wrapped by men.

One thing I’d never come across is how fast spring roll pastry cooks! Wow. I don’t have a deep fryer so I put a generous amount of vegetable oil in a small frying pan, then put the wrapped bananas in.

Zap. They were done! One side. I had to turn them and basically remove them straight away.

Not sure if I’m going it right, but doesn’t deep fryer oil have to be HOT so things cook fast? This sure did.

It was delicious anyway. Even if I didn’t cook it right. The pastry is really thin and very crunchy. I served it with caramel dipping sauce from Woolworths and plain vanilla ice cream.

You should try it.

Of course the problem now is that there are still 18 sheets in the packet. And they don’t come with plastic between the layers so you can’t just remove and defrost the amount you need… I guess I better go make some more. Wouldn’t want to waste the pastry now, would we?

Think I might try making smaller parcels this time, cut the bananas up and make the parcels look more like mini spring rolls.

I wonder if they taste ok eaten cold the next day? hm…


2 thoughts on “banana spring rolls

  1. mmmmmm…looks delicious!!! looked up this restaurant as I live in British Columbia…it is a Chinese Restaurant not that far from me. I would definitely go there for this dessert….will also follow your “directions” and try making them myself….thank you…


  2. Isn't that amazing! That I find a restaurant online that someone who reads my blog can go visit? I love the internet! 🙂 Hope you love them, they really are good! Btw, I made them again, this time cutting the banana into 3 pieces, then slicing those in half lengthwise. I rolled them up into the pastry to make small long rolls. Only thing is the problem I find is getting the pastry to stick closed.


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