where have you been?

No, not you. Me. I’m guessing you’ve been there, waiting desperately for my next post and worrying that I’ve been abducted by aliens or swallowed by the mud in our back paddock.

Well, I’m here and I’m fine.

Which is more than can be said for poor Clarice. I had a friend over helping me with the embankment yesterday and he left the gate open and Clarice came into the houseyard…. a death sentence for any creature. I was in the grooming room and didn’t see or hear a thing.

I was so sad. I held her a while and apologised to her, then buried her out the back.

The poor rooster is beside himself. He’s never been alone. We’re picking up some new girls for him tomorrow, but he was so close to Clarice.

Other than that…

My dogs will ignore ducks, geese, chooks, almost anything when they’re out in their paddock, but the minute one of them step into the house yard they’re history.

Sigh. Here are the culprits.

Montana and Romeo. At least Romeo. He was the one with blood on his mouth.

Barney is not the culprit. I’m pretty sure he was innocent in all this. But he’ll support his buddy whenever he can.

When I’m not responsible for the death of creatures, I’m planning to get some good karma by doing wildlife rescue. I did the training on Sunday and am now on the list of volunteers who get texts when there’s an animal needing help. Bonorong runs a volunteer rescue service and successfully get to about 90% of emergency calls. They do an amazing job. Now I’m one of them.
Of course, you can only do what you can do, when you can. So far all the notices that have gone out are about animals too far for me to be able to help, or I’ve been at work. But one day my new knowledge will help me do a better job with injured or sick wildlife than I’ve been able to do so far.
Here are a couple of cuties at the sanctuary on Sunday. Sugar gliders. Not much chance I’ll be called to rescue any of these, but possums, wallabies, birds, bandicoots are possibilities…

NOT these:

No thanks!

In fact, I’m not looking forward to possums either though we were reassured that they’re easier than wallabies.

I have my doubts. I’ve seen the claws on those guys!


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