thanks for your inspiration pinterest

When I was looking for inspiration for a Christmassy project for work, I naturally looked at Pinterest. I wanted something easy the ladies could make … I knew I’d find plenty of ideas on Pinterest.

Too many ideas, in fact.

I narrowed it down to these cute little sock snowmen. For this week anyway.

I already had a few white socks at home which were either worn or had lost their sole mates, so I was part of the way there. I had to buy some pretty socks for the top/clothing layer so I got the cheapest ones I could find at Shiploads. And some rice to fill them. We already had tons bits for decoration: beads, bits of felt, buttons, yarn…

Here they are. So cute all lined up like that. Each lady picked socks and decorations, helped fill the socks with rice and dress the little guys.

Here are a couple of closeups:

Darn cute even if I do say so myself.

Now I want about 9 of them for my windowsill.

Hm. Maybe not a good idea. I think the dogs will want to play with them… rice everywhere… on second thoughts, I’ll just admire these guys…


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