merry christmas and all that jazz

Its Christmas! I’ve always quite liked Christmas though I don’t do the decorating thing. Without a family or a big celebration, it just doesn’t seem worth going to all that trouble. The poodles don’t really care one way or another. As long as they get plenty of pats and food, they’re happy.

All I did this year was pick up half a door I’d been using in the casita as a spray painting base, draw a tree on it with chalk and sit it on the wood heater. That was my Christmas tree.

Oh, I also climbed on a ladder and put fairy lights on the trellis in the garden. They’re not working properly. Great.

Oh well. I tried.

We just had a couple of good friends come over for Christmas lunch. I baked melomakarona on Christmas eve and Wayne roasted a turkey roll, a leg of lamb and a bit of beef.

‘Cause, apparently, you can’t have too much meat.

Our friend Chris brought over a ham (’cause…. see above), and Patrice brought cheese and nibbles and a great sweet potato salad. We also had prawns and I made a greek salad and individual pavlovas. I topped them with raspberries picked from our garden this morning.

We started on nibbles and drinks around 11.30am and had ‘lunch’ around 5pm. All I had was a plate of salads and 2 small slices of ham and one of lamb. Then my pav.

‘Cause there’s always room for dessert.

Now I can’t move.

I’ve lost my ability to over-eat.

Presents-wise its been good. I got a new portable cd player cause my old one broke ages ago. I use it while grooming or doing DIY projects. Its essential.

I also got another power tool to add to my collection! Wayne got me an electric staple gun. Yeah!

I think I may try reupholstering an old armchair I have in my office… stay tuned for that badly done makeover in the new year…


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