cleaning and organising – heap of change challenge

You know how most people do spring cleaning? Well, turns out that most of the world (the DIY, decor blogging world) do their spring cleaning at the start of a new year no matter what season it is in their hemisphere.

Kinda like “new year, clean house”.


It made sense in my head…

Anyway, Donna at Funky Junk challenged everyone who wanted to participate in a clean up challenge. The Heap of Change Challenge. (For details, and to join in, click image below.)

Join in! You can never have enough cleaning/organising/tidying in your life.

Its one of those jobs you can do every day for the rest of your life.

Its depressing when you think about it.

Anyway… one job I’ve been putting off for ages is organising the casita. For the uninitiated, the casita is the original old house on the farm which we use as a shed. It was used as a shearing shed by previous owners. For us its a horse feed room, storage room, tack room, laundry, workshop, grooming room and I-have-something-and-nowhere-to-put-it room.

The large main room is my workshop basically so I have a ton of stuff my own stuff in there. Then about a year ago when I organised my office, I moved everything from the office to the storage room in the casita.

My office looked great (for a while, but more on that disaster area later) however, this is what the casita looked like.


Hope you have a high tolerance for chaos.

I am not a hoarder. I am not a hoarder. I am not a hoarder…

There was an upper cupboard in the store room on this wall but we removed it so I could use it in the workshop. Obviously all the stuff in the cupboard had to go somewhere!

Finding anything was a nightmare.

This is what my workbench looked like. The new/old workbench that Wayne had in his shed and wanted to get rid of. I love it cause of its heavy, industrial iron legs.

Basically, when I want to actually do any work in the casita I have to shove things over, step over electrical cords, trip over boxes, etc. The fact that I’m able to do anything in there at all is testament to my incredible talents.


Ready for the afters? Well, I’ll disappoint you. I spent all weekend working on that sucker and I’m still not even halfway there. I’m taking everything out of the store room and finding a place for it.

I have boxes for things to donate, I have rubbish bags I’m filling ruthlessly, I have boxes for things I plan to sell or give away. I’m trying to recycle and use anything I have on hand for storage and I’m sorting things into areas of related items. Maybe one day I’ll actually be able to start a project and know exactly where everything I need is.

I’ll share some pics for now, kinda like teasers of organisation to come.

However… there will never be any great reveal labelled organised clean and tidy perfection within an inch of its life photos in this workshop makeover. Its just not that kind of area. Its messy and dusty and not photogenic.

It has broken windows mended with bits of wire mesh, lots of cobwebs, hay from the feed room, hair from the grooming room, mouse droppings, sometimes possum droppings, unlined walls, groovy old wallpaper, severe drafts and half finished or half demolished areas.

So, put away your expectations of pretty, control your OCD and just enjoy the bits that don’t look too bad.

Like this beautifully rusty old biscuit tin holding my hammers.

On the right of the hammer box is the farm fresh sign with baskets I had in the kitchen for a while. I something better for the kitchen, so now my baskets are holding bits and pieces in the casita. Rulers, straight edges, whatever is long and straight.

My used paint brushes, scrapers and other paint related implements are now hanging off rake heads. Not only are they all in one place, but they can drip dry there and the bristles don’t get smooshed.

Below the rake head hanging system I put narrow shelves where the wall lining ended abruptly. Someone either stopped putting timber lining on the wall when they got to that spot, or they stopped ripping it off. Either way, there was a huge gap down there where things would disappear, never to be seen again. With the little shelves I kill two birds with one stone. While I don’t condone killing any birds, this stops things from falling into the gap and doubles my small paint tin space.

A cute galvanised box holds all tapes and my tape measures are all now in a cake tin.

The cubby shelf unit needs more drawers and I’m using anything I have for now. Mostly cardboard boxes cut to fit and labelled. Ignore the blue tape labels. They’re the ones I couldn’t remove. Yet.

See the timber box with knob top right? That is the worst-made box in the universe.

I made it.


Its not labelled but it holds knobs. I figured that was self explanatory.

And yeah, second one down holds more knobs, in case you’re wondering.

I decided that the roof was storage space just waiting to be pressed into service. I’ve started hanging baskets and light fittings up there. As well as light-fittings-to-be.

This is a corner cupboard from my old kitchen. I put an MDF top on it and some furniture legs and it now holds my power tools. I added a pretty curtain to keep the worst of the dust off them. Who said you can’t have pretty in a workshop?

 I even nailed pleats into it!

This cute little shelf is something I picked up at a tip shop. I used milk paint and almost all of it flaked off one side …I couldn’t be bothered sanding and painting it again. Its now part of the workshop.

Notice the graffiti and the old playing card wallpaper? Cool, huh?

I hope to do more sorting and organising this weekend and hopefully one day soon I’ll have some more finished pics of imperfection to share.


4 thoughts on “cleaning and organising – heap of change challenge

  1. I love the rake head hanging system! How else would a paintbrush dry? I also love your self-explanatory knob storage! No-nonsense organization at its finest! I like seeing the little collection of doo-dads on the small shelf unit. You are moving right along! I love your heap of stuff, too. Many things to go through, but I have no doubt you will do it. Seeing these places organized will probably propel you into more organization. (That is what is fueling me!) Wonderful job! Keep up the good work!


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