old flan tin clock

Among the multitudes of things I’ve had to relocate and find homes for in the last couple of weeks as I cleaned out and organised the casita, were a few flan tins. I’d collected them with the aim of making them into clocks one day.

Well, I’m pleased to say that one day finally came.

On Friday afternoon, while working on a chest of drawers makeover in the workshop, I found myself shoving a few items over to make space on the workbench. Among which was this old flan tin.

I remembered a bit of Donna’s (Funky Junk) advice to only handle something once, so I thought it was time to take heed.

Up till now I’ve not followed that particular piece of advice even though I wanted to. I’d pick up an item, go put it down a little further over, then remember the ‘no double handling’ rule and wander around with it in my hand for 15 minutes or so looking for its forever home.

It just didn’t work.

It would be ok if I had taken everything out of the room first (which was another bit of Donna’s advice) and got all my storage spaces sorted and allocated before picking up items to rehome, but I didn’t work that way.

No, I decided to empty the storage room, the grooming room and the workshop all at the same time.

Nothing like making a challenge really challenging!

So, there I was, chest deep in boxes, buckets, tools and dust, holding a jar of screws, unable to move cause there were things in the way, ready to burst into tears.

That’s about when I gave up and took a week off, till I realised that the way to finish was to do one room at a time.

Once I decided to do that I cleaned out the laundry, the grooming room and the workshop. The store room is messier than it was before, but hey, you can’t have it all at once.

But back to that clock.

When I found myself shoving over the old clocks and the flan tin I realised there was no better time than the present to make that clock. Or try to make that clock.

Firstly I had to bend the squished tin back into shape. Then I found that it had a broken bit on the side so I made that the top, drilling two holes on either side of the broken bit to put wire through. The thought behind that being that the broken bit wouldn’t be visible if it was on top.

What I didn’t notice till I took the photos was that the Willow logo in the middle is crooked.

Moving right along…

I then pulled apart a cheapie clock with broken glass I’d had in the grooming room a while back. I took out the clock parts and drilled a hole in the middle of the flan tin to fit the mechanism dooby.

Of course, I stuffed that up. I made the hole too small and the hour hand wouldn’t move and I broke the mechanism pulling it out.

Lucky I had another cheap clock. I think I bought 3 at the time cause they were like $1 each.

I used superglue to fix the clock mechanism to the back of the tin, put the hands on and put in a new battery. Then waited to see if it would work. 
It works! Its still telling the correct time 2 days later in its new home on the grooming room wall. I call that a win despite the crooked logo in the middle.
Oh well, if you wanted perfection you’d be reading another blog. On this one you’ll only see slap dash seat of my pants quality work. ‘Cause that’s how I roll!
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3 thoughts on “old flan tin clock

  1. Yay! A project, complete with frustration, finished! There is much to be said for that! I ran into some clock mechanisms the other day. I couldn't tell you where they are right now, but those will probably be going to the yard sale. I had good intentions, but I think I lacked an actual plan. Maybe I will think of something before I find them again!


  2. I know I have two more – bought ones. I have no idea where they are, which is another reason I recycled the broken clock (or tried to! LOL). I'll find them one day when I move onto sorting my craft supplies. Then I'll look at making more clocks from the other flan tins… and I have another item I thought might make a great clock


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