the cleanup goes on

Ok, I’ve been busy, continuing the cleanup in the bomb site casita using the divide and conquer method that was necessitated by the amount of stuff I had to sort and organise.
Progress has been great. This is what the store room looked like before I started:

This is what it looks like now:

Amazing huh?

I’m so impressed with myself.

Well, the stuff that doesn’t yet have a home had to go SOMEWHERE… Most of the stuff in there is empty boxes and some larger items I need to makeover. I’ll eventually sort them into some semblance of order.

My theory is that I’ll work on, finish, and move things out thus creating space!

The workshop areas are workable now at least. I’ve mostly organised things by type and use and found a place for almost everything.

I’ve even been making an effort to put things back when I finish using them.

That won’t last.

At least I can now work on a few things. I’ve already started two projects, like this chest of drawers makeover…

One thing that wasn’t planned in the cleanup was a new workbench, but while cleaning I moved this badly made, rickety bench from the laundry area into the workshop. I added cross pieces and a shelf to stabilize it then fixed the drop saw onto it. Its still the ugliest, badliest made bench ever cause I just kept adding bits till it stopped wobbling, but I now have a permanent home for the saw and don’t have to move tools all the time. Always a good thing.

Another area I managed to clean up and out is the grooming room. This is what it looked like before:

And here is is now. Not perfect, but way better.

Here’s a closeup of the old sign I have on the grooming room door. This is a sign I made for my house in Fentonbury. I had it on my gate for the 8 years I lived there. Pantone being the prefix I bred and showed poodles under.

I’m happy with my progress. Even though there is still much to do. At least I’ve been able to actually do something creative cause I now have the space.
That makes me happy.

10 thoughts on “the cleanup goes on

  1. Your rickety saw bench…that's funny! Enough nails and/or screws and it won't go anywhere! I love that you now have a space to work on your projects. And, it looks like you have a few projects to keep you busy and off the streets! (That's what I say when I get happily busy and occupied with something. Besides, I'm a little old to be running the streets and causing trouble! Now…in my younger days…) I'll update my blog later this evening showing where I am.


  2. This is an AMAZING transformation! Just wow. You must be just beside yourself with this revamp! I had to laugh that you know the neatness won't last… but isn't it funny how we're running to attempt it at least? hahah Well done and thanks for linking up to our challenge!


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