a day tip shopping

Yesterday was a great day!

It was the first day of my holiday that I’ve been well enough to go out all day. Not only did we visit a couple of tip shops for a look around (and pick up a thing or two) but I even managed to actually eat more than a couple of bites of something!

Life is good.

First tip shop we visited I saw this and fell in love.

I wanted it so badly.
Yes it was overpriced. Yes it was a wreck.
It needed the entire top ripped off and replaced (easy), the door on the right needed major mending, and it all needed a good scrub and de-moulding, then painting… but it would have looked great in our bathroom!
But Wayne wouldn’t let me buy it. He said “too many projects, not enough time”. Not to mention not enough space. 
And he was right. (Don’t tell him I said that!)
Then I saw this.

Ok… I don’t want it in my bedroom, but how cool does that look!! I mean, they just stacked them up to save space, but take two 1960s dressers, remove the legs on the top one and join them together, or put on much higher legs to make more space between them, and what a great wall unit!

If I had time and space I’d have bought them too, just to do that!

We did pick up a couple of things. This is great. Its missing its top, but Wayne is going to use it to hold his drawing supplies. It looks pretty cool on his desk.

Wayne found me this tiny galvanised scoop.

When I took the photo I didn’t notice the bird poop. Enjoy.

I also got this cheap version of an industrial light. If I can find a fitting to fit it (haha) I’ll use it somewhere. The office maybe… picture it painted my greeny aqua colour on the outside, silver on the inside… yeah!

After lunch we visited another tip shop. While wandering around I noticed the sign on the side of this cart. Hilarious!

Then I began to notice the signs all over the place. Someone got around the place with a can of spray paint and a sense of humour!

(For my American friends, the Tarkine is an old growth forest here in Tasmania.)

Gotta love this one!… Get it? “The Doors”…

It was the best day! 
Update 12 April 2015
It has been pointed out to me that not everyone knows what a tip shop is. Well, not to worry. Until I moved to Tasmania I had no idea either.
A tip shop is a shop attached to the TIP, which is the local dump. Landfill. Rubbish recycling center. Whatever its called in your part of the world.
Basically, tip shops sell what has been either taken to the tip to throw away and the scavengers who work for the council* have crawled around picking up to put in the shop attached to the tip… the ‘salvage centre’… or ‘recycle center’ etc.
OR, its stuff people who have things to throw away have taken to the tip shop cause they think its too good to throw away, but don’t want it any more.
But mostly its stuff that’s been thrown out and been pre-salvaged for your convenience, priced and put on a shelf or a stack for you to go shopping.
Its a great place for salvaged building materials, odds and ends of anything for anything. 
But the overall thing is that its stuff that was disposed of by someone as having no use to them any longer… and as such it was free.
Then the tip shops take anything that has resale/reuse value and they price it and sell it. 
Sometimes at unbelievably ridiculous prices considering it was one step away from landfill!
I love scavenging at the tip shop. I go for the rusty bits, the old bits of broken furniture, etc. I’ve often picked up large pieces of plywood for a project or a bit of timber, or furniture legs or whatever.
Our front door came from a tip shop. So did our kitchen table. Our old kitchen chairs. Heaps of stuff.
My only issue is that sometimes prices are just too high. 
On the other hand I’ve often bought a box full of crap good stuff for $5.
We do have thrift shops (like the Salvation Army or St Vincent de Paul stores) which we call op shops (opportunity shops), we have junk shops, and we have antique shops. I love all of them. Cause you never know what you’ll find in any of them!
*Councils runs tips. Some councils also run tip shops to reduce the amount of landfill by encouraging recycling. In New Norfolk the council contracts out the tip to someone and they have the rights to salvage and resell. Its illegal to pick up something from the tip and take it home.
Go figure.

4 thoughts on “a day tip shopping

  1. I love the sense of humor! Quite amusing! I think I like the yellow brick road one best. I've never heard the term “tip shop”. Is it a thrift store, second-hand shop, architectural salvage, maybe everything rolled into one? I have my sights set on a piece I don't need either. It is a huge cabinet that would probably go into a kitchen. Want it, don't need it, but still want it! So, I understand about the want. At least you have your photo! Don't you love it when you take a picture only to discover that something shows up that you really don't want in the photo – like bird poop! It makes you want to scream, but you laugh instead, and say “This is real life. Deal with it!” I just saw a photo on a Facebook page that made me laugh. The person was taking a picture of a shiny, silvery tea kettle for ebay. The picture turned out well, but upon closer inspection, you could tell by the reflection that the photographer was naked when he took the photo. Oops! So, bird poop isn't so bad, after all! Have a wonderful day.


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