retro flour sifter planters

Last week I shared the new shelf outside the kitchen window.

I haven’t yet moved it down the 6 inches I think it needs to be moved, but I have made one change.

I moved some of the plants to make room for my flour sifter containers.

I think that technically, three of something makes it a collection, so here is my sifter collection. One is really rusty but the others still look respectable.

Not that rust isn’t respectable!

They all have (had) working parts when I got my sticky little fingers on them, so I lined them with hanging basket fibre stuff, then filled them with potting mix before adding a selection of succulents.

Yep. I like them outside the kitchen window, along with the 2 tiered caddies I made out of baking tins.

Other than that, I’ve done a whole lot of nothing at home. Did I mention I was sick for most of last week? Yep. Holidays are not the time to be sick.

Turns out it was food poisoning.

The Dr said it sounded like gastro, along with the flu, just bad luck to get them together. But I watched a segment on A Current Affair last night about bacteria found on chicken. And the symptoms the guy on TV listed were all my symptoms to a T.

Guess what I had for dinner a couple of nights before I got sick?

Makes sense. If it was viral Wayne would have got it too!

I think I’ll avoid pizza and take away food for a while…


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2 thoughts on “retro flour sifter planters

  1. Cross-contamination can get you, too, like chopping vegetables on a cutting board that was used to cut up raw chicken. It's amazing that Katie and I have never had food poisoning — knock on wood! Perhaps short bouts of digestive system discomfort, but not what you've described. And, while on holiday! Double no fair! I'm glad you're feeling better. I love your sifters — especially the ivy one. I am strangely drawn to those contraptions and other vintage kitchen paraphernalia, but I don't collect it — yet! Maybe when we get a house…


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