a slightly dirty clock

I had a very busy weekend. A really busy one. I did more cleaning in the casita. I finished some niggly little jobs, I started some projects, I folded and put away washing, I vacuumed the living room.

Yeah, I know.

Wayne was shocked too.

This is one of the small things I finally finished.

I’d got a cheap clock from Kmart when I decided I wanted a clock in the living room. It broke soon as I got it home so I left it in the workshop thinking I’d use the face to make a new clock. I bought a new clock mechanism off ebay and it all just sat there, in the shed, waiting…

We didn’t really need a clock in the living room back then, I had the time up on my TV …but about 2 months ago my TV suddenly lost the ability to speak so it had to go.

Lucky for us, combining two households when we moved in together meant we had doubles of lots of things. Including TVs. We didn’t sell any of the doubles cause we knew that the day we sold them we’d need them. We’ve already been glad we had two washing machines.

Now its the TV’s turn.

Anyway, I can’t figure out how to display the time on Wayne’s TV, so a clock in the living room is a bit more of a need now.

I got the bits together: the new mechanism, the clock face, a battery and an old rusty flan tin. One of those ones with the removable bottom bit. Which I didn’t have anyway as this is a tip shop find.
I’ve had this tin rim for a long time, I picked it up thinking that one day it’d make a great clock. And do it has!

Putting it together was really easy and quick. I didn’t even clean the tin or try to remove any of the rust. I think it adds character.

Its now hanging in the living room above the stacked bookcases and where you can see it easily while watching TV.

I’m loving my new clock.


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2 thoughts on “a slightly dirty clock

  1. Love the clock. Getting a two-piece pan like you did was just what you needed. Neat idea! I had to take a look past the clock and see what was on your bookcase. Ahhh…Katie is an Evanovich fan, and we are both Dexter fans (will they bring him back??? Please???) Oh, well…there's always Hannibal, and the wait is soooooo long between seasons. We have to wait until the first part of June!!! Different feel, but it fills a void. Do you watch it? Creep-ola, but oh, so good! Katie doesn't usually save her books. She does hold onto a few favorites, though. The bulk of our books are still in boxes for when we move, if ever. She finds so many at the thrift store and garage sales. I'm not much of a reader, although I should! I spend too much time on line. I am slowly whittling away some blogs that don't bring me joy. You're a keeper!


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