what i’ve done and how i spoiled myself

Since Wayne has been in hospital and recouperating, I’ve been the one feeding the horses morning and night.

As such, I’ve had to go into the feed room morning and night… and every time I opened the door I was greeted by the aroma of mouse pee.

Eech. Yes. Mouse pee. I felt like scrubbing out the inside of my nose every time I went in there.

See, I sorted out and cleaned up the feed room about a year ago. Since then it deteriorated and deteriorated into the mess it was up until this morning. Sorry, there are no before pics.

Part of it was my fault. I used to store all my timber in the feed room along the left hand wall. I also stored some old kitchen chairs in there that I planned to fix. I did remove my timber a while ago but the chairs were being used to toss horse rugs over.

All good in theory. Then came Wayne. The pile of horse rugs got bigger and messier, no longer tossed over the chairs but piled on them, falling off them, pooling on the floor. Bags of horse feed with small mouse holes in them stood along in front of the old freezer we store horse pellets in. The old bench I use for general horse medical stuff was covered in molasses, mice began to nest in the rugs, empty feed bags and the plastic bags carrots or licorice come in were all over the place…

I would go in there every now and then and pick up bags and put them in the rubbish. Every now and then I’d sweep the floor, wipe up the molasses spills… but I finally had enough.

Today I went in there and hit the place with a vengeance. Firstly I sorted the horse rugs into a ‘cut off the buckles and throw the rugs away’ and a ‘keep’ pile. Then I bagged up all the rubbish and swept the floor. I put all the feed bags into a large chaff bag to give to a friend who re-uses them.

Then I got a couple of pieces of leftover pine lining (left over from our kitchen remodel) and put them on the walls. I had to use a nail to find the studs to screw the pine into (its an old house, the studs are all over the place!). I used whatever large hooks I had for rugs to hang on.

Would you believe the place no longer stinks?

I’m so pleased with the new, clean feed room. Which will no doubt stay clean till Wayne is well enough to take over feeding the horses…

The large box on the right holds 2 bags of chaff. The old bench in the middle holds medical bits and pieces, the old freezer holds pellets. I put the old pink bin in between the chaff bin and the bench for rubbish. Hopefully it’ll get used.

On the left I’ve piled up feed bins and some buckets and my carrot basket. I made that out of a galvanised metal basket I bought at a tip shop and some old legs off a side table I pulled apart. Its perfect, I lined it with an old summer horse rug so the smaller carrots don’t fall through and it keeps them fresh as it allows air to circulate around them.

Meanwhile, here are some other small updates to my workshop in the casita. I re-used some old boxes to make shelves. I love this new little storage corner for things like spray paint, glues, fillers, etc. Nails hold my levels and some old tins screwed into the lining on the wall hold pen, paint tubes and box cutters. Where the wall lining stopped there was a gap I often lost things down. I fixed that by putting in a bit of timber and creating a new shelf.

On the other side is my original shelf which used to hold not just the small paint tins but also the spray paint. A basket for odds and ends, some tins for paint scrapers and more shelves made where the wall lining ends. One old rake head holds brushes and another holds scrapers.

And my Haywood’s sign is up on the wall properly!

I’ve also done some rearranging of work benches and stuff but I’m not ready to show it off yet. I mean, I did organise it, but then I got to working on things I never finished so… its messy again.

Meanwhile our old kettle has been playing up. Everytime we boiled water it was like a flood on the benchtop. I decided it was time for a new kettle.

I also decided I deserved a little spoiling so I got one of these:

Yep. That’s right. I bought a Smeg kettle, one of those kettles which, for the price, should not only boil your water but should make the coffee and serve it to you in bed. I got it in the mint green of course, to match the kitchen doors.

I love my new kettle.


5 thoughts on “what i’ve done and how i spoiled myself

  1. WOW! You've been busy. Now, if Wayne keeps up with it, you'll be in heaven! Those mice!!!

    SMEG: I saw a refrigerator somewhere by them. Fun colors, nice size, tidy look. Enjoy coffee in bed! lol

    Still keeping my fingers crossed for Wayne's recovery and healing!


  2. I like the way you have organised the house. Such effective housekeeping not only makes the house look neat and beautiful but also safe. Given the condition it was in before, it must have taken you a lot of time and effort to get to the level it is now. When Wayne recovers, I hope he will look at the new arrangement and keep up the good work too

    Lisa @ Westinghouse Small Appliances


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