not quite what i envisioned

The title was meant to refer to the project below, but its now also referring to my weekend… my week…

Its definitely not what I envisioned. I had plans to groom and work in the casita, tidy the house (which needs it, believe me) and generally be active. Instead, I’ve been in and out of bed since Thursday.

Seems I have one of those illusive flu bugs going around. It started with a kind of premonition type pain in my head and throat on Monday night. Tuesday I had headaches and a dry cough. Wednesday I was getting chills, coughing and sneezing and feeling irritable.

Then Thursday I woke up with a chesty cough and feeling like I’d been hit by a bus. I stayed at home most of the day but had to go to the chemist in town.

I thought that taking a day off would nip it in the bud and I’d be back at work on Friday…. Uhuh. I woke up worse on Friday. So I went to the doctor. She gave me some antibiotics just in case there’s a bacterial component, said drink lots of fluids, don’t skip eating and rest, rest, rest.

I’ve had to cancel all the grooming appointments I had this weekend and the worst of it is I don’t even have the energy to work on my own craft projects in the comfort of my armchair!

What makes it worse is that I’m having elective surgery on Tuesday so I need to be well by then… and then I’ll be recovering from that!

Talk about it all hitting at once.

But enough of my woes. Thought I’d share something with you that didn’t turn out as planned and, though its not a total failure, it sure ain’t what I envisioned.

I had this little tray. I wanted to make it into a key rack. So far so good, right? Easy.

It was painted in a cream oil paint with some acrylic over it, not very good, so I sanded it, cut out a key shape in contact paper, then sprayed it using a black and then ivory. I sprayed the hooks ivory as well.

I then sanded it back to distress it.

I hated it. It was bland.

So I decided to use oil based blackboard paint to liven it up.

This is what happened:

The paint just chipped off!

Ok. I love chippy paint, but I didn’t want to lose it all!

So I rubbed off the loosest paint, then sprayed it all with clear varnish.

The chips are now stable. And the whole thing is gloss.
Oh well, can’t have everything!
I put the hooks in (drilling into the side like that was a challenge and the hooks are all crooked as you can see…) and put a wire hanger behind it.
It is what it is.
Someone might love it.
I hope!

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