simple jug suncatchers

There is nothing new to share, but since I have a bit of time (nothing but time) I figured it was time to catch up on some projects I’ve had to share for ages.

Below are a couple of simple stainless steel jug suncatchers. I made these as part of a commission for a birthday gift. Basically I had an order for one so I figured I may as well make two while I was at it.

They’re really, really simple.

1. Find stainless steel coffee pots, milk or water jugs at an op shop.

2. Bend wire into spout.

3. Attach chandelier crystals (or beads, or whatever you want) to the wire.

4. Admire.

The second one had a broken knob on top so I glued on a broken earring for added bling.

Easy and pretty. Normally I’d use old teapots but my collection was low on those so I used what I had.

Another variation, for when you have a jug without a lid, would be to put a succulent in the pot – suncatcher with plant! What more could a girl want?


1 thought on “simple jug suncatchers

  1. Oh, Zefi! These are wonderful. I'm pinning so I can remember to make something like this for the garden! We moved just this past Friday, and I'm swimming in a sea of boxes. The kitchen is the most important right now, so that's where I am. A fun and whimsical garden will probably be planned for over the winter and started next spring! The yard of the new house is so plain and flat. It surely needs lots of flair! It will take some time. It was good to finally take some time at the computer to check out some blogs, and yours was right at the top.


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