really easy ice cream

I mentioned I made ice cream the other day and that I’d share the recipe if it worked. Well, it did! So I’m sharing. Its really easy. So easy its really a cheats ice cream.

A bit of background: years ago, I found a recipe for raspberry ice cream in a magazine, cut it out and made it. It was wonderful!

…Only the recipe called for 1 cup of raspberries but I had more, so, what the heck, more is better right? I put them all in.

The ice cream was delicious but you had to spit pips out as you ate it.

It reminded me of the ice cream sold in a shop in Melbourne many years ago. They made full cream ice cream and their lemon ice cream which would coat your mouth with frozen cream.

Deadly but good.

Anyway, fast forward to now and I can’t find the recipe. I’ve looked for it on and off over the years but never found it.

I did an online search but couldn’t find it, just a couple of recipes which were similar, ie no cooking! I decided I’d make it from memory and with what I had on hand.

Basically this is what I did:

1 400g container of cream
approx 400g flavoured yogurt (I had caramelised fig)
1/4 cup sugar

I used my new food processor to mix it together well. Put it in the fridge for 3 hours, took it out and blended it again. Repeat. Then left it over night.

The result is a very creamy ice cream which coats your mouth with cream, but is very hard to scoop out. Basically if you don’t mind using a jackhammer to dish up your ice cream, this is the recipe for you.

Now, having read up on google, I learned that adding sugar would stop it crystalising which is why I added a bit of suger. The original recipe didn’t have any in it. However, without a proper ice cream maker I think I’ll always have rock hard ice cream.

I may experiment with light cream next time.

Still. I’m happy with it. I’ll make it again when our raspberries are ready.


3 thoughts on “really easy ice cream

  1. Ice cream will be our down fall! When I lived in Ohio, there was this ice cream place called Graeter's. They had the creamiest and most luscious ice cream. Well…we moved to North Carolina 11 years ago, and we missed them terribly. About a month or two before we moved to our present location, a store where we shopped advertised Graeter's on sale. Of course we stocked up. Then we moved about 40 miles away, and that particular store is not close. So, if we want our ice cream, we have to drive 40 miles ONE WAY to get it!!! Luckily, from time to time, we might find it necessary to go up that way where there is a large city just past there. Sometimes, we might just want to make the trip to get ice cream!!! It is very expensive — about $5.50/pint — so usually we get only two each. We were greedy when it was on sale for $4/pint. It sure beats a very expensive trip to Ohio! Any way, for our birthdays (August and September) we were going to order their ice cream (for more like $6 +/pint). It would have been such a treat. Luckily, we found it before then. We don't have nearly the variety that they have at their store in Ohio (600 miles / 10-12 hour drive away), but they have what we like! YAY! for ice cream!


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