a pink step-ladder bedside table

Before I show you this project I’d like to apologise for the fact that I can’t find my ‘before’ photos. I know I posted about this step ladder when I got it, but when you give your posts wierd non-topical names, its impossible to find specific posts!

When I got it the middle step was broken off and it was natural timber but badly stained on 2 of the steps. And the top step was warped. Still is, in fact. I think the poor thing had been exposed to the elements and mistreated.

First order of business was to re-attach the middle step. I tried glue and clamps. Nope. It broke off when I thought it was all dry.

So I nailed the sucker down.

I have a hammer and I ain’t afraid to use it!

I tried sanding off the stains with the intention of varnishing it, but that was too much hard work and didn’t look like it was working. Paint was the answer. Paint is the answer to everything.

Even two coats of Zinsser Stain Blocker didn’t cover those stains! So, I did two coats of that, then two coats of DIY chalk paint in grey.

While I was at it, I made a shelf for the bottom step, making it more useful as a bedside table. I cut and edged a piece of MDF, used a strip of timber to hold it in place, and viola. Easy (removable) shelf.

Then I painted it light pink. I still had some DIY pink chalk paint from a previous project.

Lastly I wet sanded it and rubbed it down in places to expose the grey, the white undercoat and even the timber in places. I’d never tried wet sanding before and I think I like it.

Here it is in the guest room.

I haven’t yet styled the shelves or made the bed properly (no rush till I have visitors, then I’ll run around like a headless chook trying to do it all in an hour), but I’m liking the new bedside stepladder!

The photos aren’t the best. I’m having some trouble with my camera. I was playing with the settings one day and now I can’t seem to get good photos…

I’ll figure it out eventually. Hopefully before I’m too old to care.


4 thoughts on “a pink step-ladder bedside table

  1. I love what you've done to it (even if I can't see the before photos!)! I've never seen a step stool like it before! It kind of looks like a fancy step stool that one would use to get into a rather tall bed. It looks perfect next to the bed (that you'd better start making, because I'm on my way…Just kidding!).


  2. Hi Zefi, great job making that stool useful again. When I have messed up my camera settings I go to the menu and reset my camera to factory standards (or maybe it is called default) and that lets me get going again.


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