garage sale trailing

Yesterday was national Garage Sale Trail day. That’s when there are garage sales all over the place and you can look online to see who’s registered and plan your day so you can visit as many as you can.
I joined forces with my friend Patrice and we hit the sales early. I picked up a few odds and ends: a couple of mugs for Wayne (bucket size), a couple of plants, a really nice (badly in need of TLC) cabinet, a broken step ladder… and a few fun and wierd things. 
Like this:

I just had to have it. It was too wierd to pass up.

And this:

Have you ever seen a wooden girl with a pin cushion between her legs before? 
Then I got a box full of rusty things, like this old desk sharpener. I think it’ll look good on my desk with paper clips in the drawer.
Also in the box was this tin train:
And these metal trains and truck. None of them are in good condition, but they’re fun and colourful and I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to put them.

Since our travels took us up to Bushy Park we decided to take a detour through the hops farms to look at the old hop kilns.

I love this part of the Derwent Valley. I worked picking hops during the harvest for 5 years when I first came to Tasmania, so this area is special to me.

Patrice bought tons of plants and a retro leather poof. All in all, it was a great day!
Today, on the other hand, was a challenge. Did I mention we got a new washing machine? We used to have two washing machines, one for the dog stuff and one for us. Well, one of them broke ages ago so I’ve been using the old Whirlpool for our stuff… and it get covered in lint. So much lint. And there’s no filter, so there’s no way to clean it. I tried everything I found online, even some guy showing me how to take it apart and clean it out. Nothing worked.
We were sick of all the crap on our clothes so I bought a new washing machine. Its a Samsung front loader and I think you need a degree in laundry to use the thing. It does everything but make your coffee in the morning! I actually had to read the manual to work it out… sheesh.

2 thoughts on “garage sale trailing

  1. Love the architecture of the hops kilns! (I have no idea what hops even looks like!)

    That certainly is an unusual find — the atomizer. Last year, I had to drag Katie to lots of yard sales, but I haven't this year. We are opting for thrift stores! She values sleeping in on the weekends too much! That year, we didn't find too much stuff we needed to have, either. So, there was too much time spent traveling for stuff that we wouldn't buy. So, since we just moved, we explored our surroundings this past weekend and found a few things we “needed”. We also took roads just to see where they went. In our neck of the woods, they all seem to end at the ocean's edge! It was a fun excursion.


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