quick pasta and cheese danish

Tonight I cooked dinner and made dessert.

Yeah, I surprised myself too.

We have a visitor. He’s the friend who built our deck. You can see why I’d want to spoil him.

His favourite meal is carbonara so I make it every time he comes over… thankfully its an easy meal. But the way I cook its not always the same. I get imaginative with my cooking at times.

Usually I make it with bacon and mushrooms but I’ve been known to make it with chicken, avocado, sun dried tomatoes or snow peas.

Mainly it depends on what I have in the fridge at the time.

Tonight I found I had cream and bacon. That’s it.

Time to improvise.

I had some tiny cherry tomatoes from our garden and I’ve got a pot of parsley on the porch. It turned out pretty good, even if I do say so myself. If you want the recipe for a quickie carbonara see the end of this post.

Dessert was one I found at a link party – Cheese Danish Squares.

Those were my danish squares. More like road kill danish oblongs really.
These are Ava’s danish squares:
Now take another look at mine:
Well… in my defense, they tasted great!
If you like a lot of lemon, which, luckily, I do. Cause I’m incapable of following a recipe without ‘improving’ or ‘adapting’ it. 
Firstly we don’t have ready made crescent roll dough in Australia so I used puff pastry. That was a necessary swap, but I went a step further…
In this case the recipe calls for one teaspoon of lemon. Really? One teaspoon? How much lemon flavour can one teaspoon impart?
I had a lemon. I squeezed it. I put in 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. I tasted it… it could take a bit more lemon… so I put in the rest.
Result… nice. 
Very very lemony cream cheese puff pastry danish.
If you want to make them, follow Ava’s recipe. You can, however, follow my recipe for carbonara a la whatever’s in the frige.
What’s in the fridge carbonara
1 packet of farfalle (pasta bows, cause if you’re gonna step outside the square, why be boring?)
As many rashers of bacon as you want 
1 small/medium container cream (whatever kind you prefer)
Some cherry tomatoes
Some fresh parsley
One egg
Parmesan. Lots of it.
Start the water boiling with a teaspoon of salt in it. Trust me. I never used to add salt to my water and its so much nicer with.
Chop up the bacon and brown it in a frying pan. 
Cut the tomatoes into halves or quarters, depending on the size. We had some pretty stunted tomatoes so I only had to cut them in half.
Roughly chop the parsley, leaving a couple of sprigs for decoration, cause, you know, we like to do things properly round here!
Once the bacon is browned, add the cream and let it warm up. Add the tomatoes and chopped parsley and bring it to a gentle simmer. Don’t boil. The world will end if it boils.
Meanwhile, the pasta should be ready. Providing you actually put it in once the water boiled. 
Test pasta readiness by fishing a bit out and eating it. If its chewy in the middle, cook it a bit longer. Don’t let it overcook. Mushy pasta will cause the world the end.
In a bowl, beat the egg with a fork.
Drain the pasta, then put it back into the saucepan. Pour the beaten egg over it and mix it through. It will cook onto the pasta. I have no idea why this step is important, but it is.
Pour the creamy bacon and whatever sauce over the pasta and mix it through.
Serve with a heavy handed sprinkle of parmesan and a sprig of parsley.

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2 thoughts on “quick pasta and cheese danish

  1. NO READY-MADE CRESCENT DOUGH IN AUSTRALIA??? You poor souls! And your narration of the recipes!!! You crack me up!

    I will have to try your pasta recipe. It sounds good. We don't use bacon so much any more, because it's gotten so expensive! But, I will have to make an exception {and watch for a good sale} in order to make this pasta dish.

    Thank you for making my day!


  2. LOL Thanks! My recipe style comes from my mother. With her its always 'a bit of this' and a 'glass of that'… and when you question her its like “you use your eye, you judge”.


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