cowpig and other ceramic animals

Its been years since I did any work with clay. High school in fact. And back then I didn’t think I really enjoyed sculpting.
Well, I tried it again a little while ago and I LOVE it.
This little pig bowl was my first foray into the world of pottery. He’s called a cowpig cause that’s what a friend called him when she saw the colour. Ok, so I got the holstein patches on a pig, ok, I stuffed that up… but he’s still darn cute.

I picked aqua blue for the inside cause pink would just be wrong… and disturbing… plus I love aqua.. The idea is that its a little bowl I can plonk bracelets or such in. For now its sitting on the air conditioner (which is a floor model) in the living room where I can see it every time I walk past.

Love his little face…

And his little tail!

Next I made some little critters. I made a chicken, two bandicoots and a wombat. The chicken is not here, neither is one of the bandicoots, but the other two are.

Let me introduce the brown bandicoot and the common wombat.

I gave the little bandicoot a copper wire tail.

I’m loving this. Both the building up and the carving out. I want to buy a slab of this paper clay and make a ton more stuff.

The paper clay is clay mixed with paper pulp. It dries completely white and is easy to work with. I then take it to a place in Hobart to have it fired, paint (glaze) it with the right paints and have it refired.

I’ll get onto that soon as I find some time…

After the huge garage sale at the end of October. After moving the grooming room to the storage room.

When I find time.


1 thought on “cowpig and other ceramic animals

  1. Yes, pink on the inside of the pig would be a bit disturbing! lol Love the pig bowl!

    I don't know a thing about bandicoots and wombats, but there are cute little critters. Love the copper wire tail!

    We have two “cow” kitties, or “tuxedos” depending on who is talking about it.

    A huge garage sale! Wow! They are work. We had one a couple of months ago with a major amount of stuff I had gone through before we moved a year ago. I was lucky to actually have a garage where I could spend time and set things up in a logical manner. It's time to get out there again, because I didn't sell any home decor. I wasn't sure what we'd want to keep, but we have been talking about colors and how we want our home to look, so I may be ready to let go of some things we've been dragging around! Besides, I had a load of stuff left. Since there are hardly any yard sales in our area, people are hungry to go to them. I hope you make lots of money and do something special for yourselves!


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