new kitchen shelves

Last weekend, Saturday evening to be exact, I got a surge of energy and decided it was time to put up the IKEA shelves I bought months ago. They’re from the Varde series (with those dots over the ‘a’.)
Since I was doing this on my own, and these shelves are incredibly heavy, I had to find ingenious ways to do get them up and level. I don’t advise doing it this way, but needs must…

I’m nothing if not inventive. And stubborn. I got the shelves up.

I had planned to put 2 of these units up (I bought two, making it 4 shelves) but I changed my mind. I decided one set was enough. Not so ‘cluttered’ feeling…. The space above the shelves gives you room to breathe.

For another thing there was no way I could get the other shelf up there by myself, so the decision was easy.

I had always planned to have my mugs and glasses on shelves, on display and easy to access. I love the look and I’ve been the right ones to suit the kitchen. I did have some pale blue mugs but they’re going. I found mint green ones at Kmart that are the perfect colour!

The green glasses are from Freedom. I’ve had those in my wardrobe since we finished the kitchen.

These shelves have a rail with 5 hooks underneath. Since I’d planned to have another shelf unit above this one, the wire cups I made were meant to hang higher, more at eye level. But now there is no top unit they have to hang lower. 

I love open shelves in kitchens. I know things get dusty but I’m perfectly willing to get stuff down and wash it once every now and then.
So, my shelves are up. Its only been about two years since we started the kitchen renovation!

2 thoughts on “new kitchen shelves

  1. Only two years!?! Then, I've still got some time!

    Those wire tea cups are too cute!

    You put up those shelves using an ingenious method! When you don't have a helping hand, a ladder and books will do. They look great. And, I love the aqua colors you have dotting throughout the kitchen — the mugs, the cart, the coffee maker, the paper towel holder and a shallow bowl are what I can see. I love that color!


  2. Yes. Its a real retro colour. I had to mix up my own for some painting jobs like the cart, towel holder, the chalkboard frame and my old drawer made into a charging station. But I've also found antique items in the colour – like one of my scales for instance.


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