updating the oval chalkboard

I’ve been really busy lately. I’m getting ready for a couple of big events. One is the Garage Sale Trail on October 22. 
I registered our garage sale on the Trail cause I have too much stuff and I really need to have a garage sale. I thought if I set a date I can’t back out of, I’ll actually do it.
Considering I was already interviewed for the local paper, I really can’t back out now.
The other big event is less public: I’m moving my grooming room into what is currently the storage room in the casita.
For the last few weeks I’ve been sorting through things every time I a few spare minutes. I began by moving things from the store room into the workshop area. This is so I have a blank canvas to work on – considering the room in question needs a ton or work… Holes in the walls patched, the timber on the ceiling needs loose paint scraped off, it needs repainting from top to bottom, a new door… You get the picture.
I’ve been stacking things in the workshop area – on top of eachother, in boxes, on top of the workbench… I started by sorting things by general use as I went and putting it in boxes: clothing, kitchen stuff, plumbing, lighting, miscellaneous… but that went by the wayside when I ran out of stacking room.
What I haven’t begun doing yet is price things. I figure I can do that later.
Later. Good word that.
Hours of work and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I plan to go through every room in the house and every shed, look at everything we have and decide whether it stays or goes. 
I’m using the method of “if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it” but I’m doing it my way. I’m going through all my finds and projects ‘to do’ and thinking “I bought this over a year ago and haven’t made anything with it – its time someone else made something with it”.
Among the things I’m planning to sell are coffee tables – some I’ve done something with, others I haven’t touched. A couple of cabinets I’ve remade. Some of my recycled light fittings. A collection of things I planned to make wind chimes with, Chalkboards.
Speaking of chalkboards, here is a remake of a remake. It started as an oval frame in 3 pieces a friend gave me. I first tried to fix it and used it as my shopping board for a while. 

I had to re-glue it cause I did a bad job first time round. Its still not perfect but I like it. There’s character in its imperfections.

Just one thing I’ll put in the garage sale.

Stay tuned for other great stuff I’ll be sharing here which will be for sale on the day.

October 22. Mark the day. If you live close enough, that is.


1 thought on “updating the oval chalkboard

  1. In the paper!!! Yep!, You are committed! I wish I could look through your stuff, but I'm soooo far away! I wish you luck on your garage sale. Let us know how it went. Fonda


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